American International Innovative Design Award 2023

Burning Meat Rotisserie Interior Design

This project is located in Yuzhong District, Daping Times Street, Chongqing, and is one of the popular commercial areas in the city. Fire Meat BBQ is a chain restaurant owned by two young Koreans. The project consists of two interconnected shops of approximately 100 square meters each. The original building had low ceiling height on the second floor, poor lighting, and a cramped and dark appearance, while the original design with a black industrial style not only highlighted the weaknesses of the shops but also appeared outdated.

After multiple communications with the client, the designer chose warm white as the main tone and combined it with colors such as metallic and green to highlight a light luxury style, making the overall storefront more youthful, fashionable, and elegant. Careful consideration was given to the selection of high-quality soft furnishings, both in terms of decoration and renovation details. The green soft package seats and wall panels, combined with the use of metal materials for lines, blend a modern and fashionable touch into the classical charm. The warm-textured paint used on the overall wall surface adds warmth and vitality to the space, while maintaining a harmonious and unified atmosphere


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