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Changsha Shiboge Grand View Hotel

Changsha – another name “Star City”, national historical and cultural city, known as “Qu Jia town”, “Xiaoxiang Zhu Si”, “Chu Han city” reputation “heart worry about the world, dare to be the first” is the spirit of Changsha people.

The era of Republic of China was a flourishing period of humanistic spirit and independent thought. In the collision and blending of old and new cultures and eastern and western cultures, people began to maintain their personality, their character, their education, their freedom, their equality, their frankness, their clarity and their elegance

Under the infiltration of this fashion for a long time, the people of the Republic of China gave birth to a unique spirit, which acted on the appearance and temperament, and formed a rather aesthetic “Republic of China style.”

The design revolves around the theme of “returning to the Republic of China”, with simple and bright colors, combining the style of the Republic of China with modern elements to create an elegant space atmosphere and reveal a touch of retro feelings.

The interior space design uses the collision and blending of old and new cultures and eastern and western cultures in the Republic of China era, taking the humanistic spirit and independent thought as the concept;

First see the mansion

It was a grand mansion with a striking dark cast iron gate, gray brick walls and exquisite carvings. Not far away, a black carriage of English workmanship was slowly coming. It was just after she had returned from a study tour in England. It was the first time they had met.

Meet · Cafe

The “coffee queen” election was held here as scheduled, under the beautiful lights, in the charming notes, tasting the English Earl Grey tea, enjoying this wonderful time, never thinking that he would meet her again…

“Time” has become a fashionable pursuit, and the design story takes “time” as the main axis, and uses the clock and clock tower of the Republic of China as the carrier to open a space rich in the charm of the Republic of China.

As an important landmark in the city center during the Republic of China period, the clock tower was applied to the central square of the Shared Hall. The design of the square is the epitome of urban construction in the Republic of China era. The shared lobby is used as the lobby bar and all-day meal of the Grand View Hotel and the Crown Hotel. With the melodious bell will bring the people back to that exciting and romantic era.

Hide – Shadow

They’re always in the theater,

Grandfather memorized every movie they’d ever seen together and her favorite movie star,

Always make sure to buy her movie star magazines and posters that are all stored away.

Stained glass Windows, vintage photos and old objects, exquisite Western lines throughout the hotel.

Family – Banquet

The courtyard of the mansion is always very busy. There are all kinds of flowers and plants in the courtyard. Birds are chirping in the cages

It’s got beautiful panes, you can taste food from different regions and there’s always a troupe coming over.

Rich in the sense of the period of stained glass sequence composed of three courtyard space, the design here echoes the design technique of traditional Chinese mansion courtyard layout, layer by layer the retro clock once again reminds people that here is the “Republic of China”.

The reception area is a variation of the entire courtyard space, where dark Western-style wall panels extend from the wall to the ceiling, thin stained glass Windows, and women in cheongsam quietly wait for their return behind the reception desk composed of suitcases.

Triumph Station

Gathering is always short, and parting is too long, the young heart to write down these scenes, will miss into a letter. The girl always imagined the scene when she would meet again: in a triumphal movement, a tall horse appeared in the crowd, and immediately a brave young man shouted to her the words she had been waiting for

Entering the art lobby, the elegant choice of stairs, exquisite Western lines with chessboard stone laying, beautiful dome, retro yet fashionable art chandelier, surrounded by a very sequential sense of arch Windows, the use of each element reveals a deep brand of The Times.

Dream back to the old house

Time has passed, the appearance of the old house, just to keep the good time.

The exquisite furniture of the Republic of China takes you into the new nostalgia of the 1913s and experiences the once exquisite.

The first sight of the room is also the stained glass with a sense of The Times, while the Western lines of the wall are matched with Chinese furniture, which also tells the meeting of the ancient East and West.

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