American International Innovative Design Award 2024


Location: Scientific Research Base of Shandong Jinggong Pump Co., LTD., Renmin Road, Boshan District, Zibo City

Project scale: Total construction area of 7116.87 square meters

(Including 3494.90㎡ for hotel / 2322.70㎡ for Sports center / 872.23㎡ for club/other supporting facilities)

Design Company: DKAU Design Lab Qingdao


Design time: 2023.1.1~2023.5.31

Expected opening time: 2023.12.25

View the world · Walk between heaven and earth such as the river tide surging indomitable · Heart feeling · heart life

CLIFFHUB Langfang Hotel is in Boshan District, Zibo City, Shandong Province. It enjoys the honorary titles of “Hometown of Chinese Ceramic Glaze Art” and “Hometown of Chinese Glaze”. Beauty is absolute freedom and sensibility, and creating beauty requires extraordinary ingenuity. Diversified pursuit of life, exquisite attitude towards life, healthy diet culture, attitude towards quality, calm and complacent in the ups and downs, letting time slow down, to feel energy.

The coexistence of “Langfang” — architecture — landscape — interior

Flow refers to the structure and user experience of space in architectural design. In particular, it refers to the way to guide people, the path of people moving, the conversion between Spaces, etc., which enables the architectural space to provide users with a comfortable and convenient experience.

The Flexible W.A.V.E

Our proposed business hotel design concept is “new Chinese culture and upscale business style”.

In line with the latest trends and design principles, to create a comfortable and professional atmosphere for business travelers to create a comfortable stay space.

First, the hall will have a modern design, creating an atmosphere for visitors to rest after their busy schedules.

High-quality furniture and lighting, as well as a very skilfully assembled color palette, present a professional and beautiful atmosphere. The rooms will feature modern furniture and lighting to create a more comfortable atmosphere. Use white and natural wallpaper, and cool gray tones to expand the space, and make the Windows larger to let in natural light well. This will provide a comfortable resting space for business travelers.

In addition, the room uses modern furniture and a simple design, at the same time to show the upscale atmosphere.

The combination of white, wood and metal creates a more sophisticated and sophisticated atmosphere. Finally, the dining room and meeting room will be designed to create a modern and upscale atmosphere.

In the original building environment, I want to create a design that represents the characteristics of “Langfang”. Therefore, we put forward the symbolic, more clearly marked image characteristics and lighting box modeling concept, during the day, the modeling box and building volume are in sharp contrast, at night, when the dreamlike color lights up, adding a mysterious color to the building.

As far as possible, the structural part of the original building is preserved to meet the requirements of economic benefits and functionality. The whole space is divided into continuous Spaces by simple and reasonable moving lines.

The guest rooms follow the same design approach, maintaining the original structure of the building and focusing on the people-oriented, economical, and practical interior space design.

Perspective view of the innkeeper’s entrance

The west facade of the hotel faces Renmin Road, giving the building a sense of image. Initially, we thought about how to create a logo that best fits the image of the hotel in the urban landscape. The theory is that day and night can form a strong contrast, and obvious color shape and night landscape lighting design can be used as the People’s Road urban landscape can create the most design characteristics, the impressive image of the hotel.

General planning plan of the park

The mixed-use project includes a hotel, conference center, gym, boutique clubhouse space, and a green park. Our overall plan was to redesign the remaining vacant landscape in a stationary state, focusing on creating a more open space for the residents and the surrounding city, as well as an external space suitable for the public nature of any site. The external courtyard should be integrated with the hotel, which is both public and private, providing a comfortable space and open visual effect for all customers. The building is adapted to the terrain — high, overlooking Renmin Road in the hotel interior space, with a place to observe the urban landscape. Create park-type courtyards with day and night characteristics that blend with the beauty of nature.

Hotel lobby design

We create huge flows that form The Flexible W.A.V.E. The design is simple and modern, highlighting the characteristic design personality. Metal and natural stone and wood are expressed through the texture, thus completing a dramatic aesthetic.

The reception hall area and the rest area are strongly compared, can experience the space of two worlds in one space, putting forward the unique design creativity of our hotel. Although there are no gorgeous chandeliers, expensive marble, and beautiful sculpting works of art, the space itself can depict visual experience and artistry, the design of the shape and material is elegantly modern and modern simple.

The high curved colored aluminum plate shape accommodates tourists from all over the world, and visually infects people’s hearts.

Soft lighting 

Abandoned complex, exaggerated decorations, and intended to let every object in the space gradually reveal the authentic charm as time passes.

Hotel lobby lounge area

The hall rest space combines new Chinese style and modern furniture, fashion lamps, art books, and ceramic art ornaments, giving the space a sense of jumping and imagination, creating artistry and aesthetic, comfortable space scale, and charming landscape, creating a comfortable and warm, elegant gathering fun space.

Artistic interpretation and refined lifestyle

Restaurant wall design partial use of red brick, combined with modern innovation and the past texture, through a variety of techniques, to create infinite possibilities.

All-day restaurant

The all-day restaurant on the first floor of the hotel not only has the function of the hotel restaurant but also has the function space of a lunch buffet and evening bar. The overall space is characterized by simple and high-end, open and comfortable, forming two Spaces sharing and a rhythm sense of change. The top ceiling is the design focus of the overall space, which continues the minimalist style of architectural space and makes the space pure.

The dining space forms a natural picture with the outdoor courtyard and the open floor-to-ceiling glass surface, and the simple and natural ecological image is spontaneously formed. In the future, the space can be diversified and sustainably changed through movable furniture, partitions, or decorative elements.

In the evening, the self-service platform area and the bar area can be completely separated by a mobile glass partition, and the projection area creates a hotel atmosphere and romance for customers.

All-day Restaurant & Front room of Parent-Child Activity Center

The hall of the all-day restaurant and the parent-child activity center is a space containing two different characters at the same time. The arch shape represents the concept of the whole space. The use of red brick and glass brick highlights the characteristics of a modern simple design.

Parent-child activity center

The parent-child reading space has a good vision and public property. We set a circular shape in the space design to enhance the sense of flow and fun of the space. In the hall, we set up the ocean ball pool, as the exclusive world for children’s entertainment, presented in the children’s activity area abstractly, brimming with a natural and pleasant atmosphere.

Spiritual Retreat

Corridor of guest room area

The public areas and corridors of the hotel rooms are themed with ecologically unified materials and simple and modern natural beauty, so that the passage space forms the route minimization and conciseness, getting rid of the complex spatial cognition of customers, so that we can find the destination quietly and easily.

VIP rooms and standard rooms, as well as the remaining 4 types of room modules, take simple and warm space as the starting point to create the most consistent characteristics of a business hotel’s comfortable rest space. Modular materials and specifications, and color in all professional areas have formed a reasonable cost, time, and quality of the perfect combination.

The simple design of the guest room, and the selection of modern furniture, present a casual, comfortable, and warm feeling.

The lobby of the convention


Considering the space elements of business and function, the conference center adopts warm ecological, light materials and wavy shape image to create a practical and comfortable conference space.

The design adopts a minimalist modern new Chinese style. A large area of gray background color is used to create a quiet atmosphere. The light-colored natural stone and the red shape on the top increase the sense of experience.

Two or three friends, fine baked tea, clean the cup, boiling soup, just like the blend of tea and water, drinking tea deep talk, happy.

VIP wine-tasting area

“Tree” means a new vitality. The texture of stone and wood is the skin of the space, plain and natural. In cold winter, the warm fireplace adds charm to the whole space.

In the private room, grey beautiful rock panels and wood grain wall panels are used. The tea tasting area and dining area are connected by ceiling modeling, simple and solemn, giving the space an elegant Chinese artistic conception. The large floor-to-ceiling glass window forms a varied visual perception in the way of the panoramic view.

The top shape selects the “mountain” element in VI design, simple and atmospheric, and the overall style is a new Chinese style. The dining area and tea tasting area are integrated, presenting a free, open, natural, and humanistic spiritual space.

In the private room, the dark wood grain wall panel forms a strong contrast with the red art paint. The background wall of the dining area is stacked with natural wood and beautiful rock panels, seeking balance and beauty.



2019 External Professor of International School of Architecture, Qingdao University of Technology

2016 Founded Qingdao Xinzhe Space Design

2012 Qingdao Tengyuan Design Office Chief Designer

2011 LA DRDS studio + K Korea Branch Team Leader

2011 Graduated in Architecture, Korea University

2009 Korea BSDesign Architect

CEIDA, Member of the International Design Professional Committee of the China Europe International Design Association


Osan cultural center / 3rd Prize.

LH headquarters / Winner.

Korea Western Power Headquarters / 3rd prize.

Suwon-city children center / 2nd prize.

Korea Hydro & Nuclear power accommodation / Winner.

2012 Qingdao Tengyuan Design Excellent New Employee Award.

2013 Qingdao Tengyuan Design Best Growth Award.

KNF Child care center / Winner.

2021 IDG International Space Design Award – Commercial Exhibition Space International Innovation Design Award.

2021 IDG International Space Design Award-Character Award Emerging Designer.

2021 French GPDP AWARD – International Innovation Design Award.

2021 Italy IIDA AWARD – International Innovation Design Award.

2022 IDPA AWARD International Pioneer Design Catering Space Silver Award

2023 Second Prize at the Veterans Hall in Gangjin-gun, Jeollanam-do

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