American International Innovative Design Award 2024

Daylight Coffee

Hidden in the vibrant city, the ancient house exudes history, character and profound charm. Among the impetuous and busy world, this space for a slow living lifestyle is very simple yet unique. The appearance of the house has been preserved intentionally to show the history of the past. Simple design along with the unique coat that is hand painted by trowel brings out the original and simple nature of the space. Together with antiques, vintage pieces and lamps, they take us back to the splendid 1960s.

As you enter the alley, the warm yellow lamp emits a faint glow. The seemingly chaotic plants in front of the door are complemented by the patchy flooring, antique wall tiles, and vintage window grill to evoke a sense of nostalgia naturally. A quarter circle window is connected to the bar inside. The design not only makes things a lot easier for takeout customers, but also allows travelers to feel the elegance flowing from the house.

Upon opening the old wooden door, the perfect amount of light brings a hidden sense of stability. The warmth of the wood, accompanied by the smell of coffee, instantly isolates from the outdoors and makes it a warm place where the heart belongs. Tranquility instantly freezes time and takes us on a trip back in time to the vivid memory.

The flooring is made of irregularly interlocking tiles of different colors to tell a story in the patchwork-like surface. The canopy and wall surfaces are chiseled with the wrinkles of passing time, revealing an enchanting classic charm.

The first floor and basement are linked vertically by a rotating staircase, and the engraved iron pieces serve as outer strings, gradually deepen the historical trajectory. On the first floor, the staircase is extended by an arc to facilitate the interrelationship between volumes.

Old antiques, colorful lamps, vintage furniture, and yellowing photo wall are the valuable collections that the owner collected from around the world. At the same time, these precious pieces make the inner soul of the house, allowing people to immerse themselves in this peaceful and soothing space.


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