American International Innovative Design Award 2024

Hisense Wangfuzhuang Sales Office

The current trend of The Times is irreversible. Interpret modern science and technology art with the thinking of design, so that “point, line, surface and light effect” present a different perspective of science and technology. With “science and technology” as the guide, constantly explore time and space, experience a journey to the future of time, set sail through the territory, to the future.
With concise lines, pure color, wall selection of rock slab, wood veneer overlapping design techniques, warm but not demon; Like sandstone; Combine hardness and softness. This design gathers images and absorbs essence from different aspects of science and technology, art, humanity and life to create a life experience field with overlapping interests and a free place highlighting feelings. The design of the front hall space brings a richer visual experience, where the moving lines flow is contained in the details. Through the eclectic design and bold conception, a rich, comfortable and interesting science and technology space is constructed.
The sand table area Outlines the spatial sense with a clear outline, illustrating the unique and beautiful space for the development of science and technology. While creating a sense of science and technology, it emphasizes the sense of experience of people from the perspective of people and technology, and creates a reasonable, comfortable new space that integrates people and technology. In order to fully express the sense of science and technology, the use of plain wood veneer, light rock plate and metal materials, with transparent glass brick, gray marble, create a sense of science and technology sales office environment, the formation of visual impact on the space, bring a different sense of experience.
The negotiation area is set up by the window. The whole space is dominated by the warm white color of the atmosphere, and the Klein blue is dotted among them. The transparent and elegant space atmosphere makes the interior space and outdoor landscape better echo and integration. The design forms a broader visual induction through the convergence of blocks, lines and embellishments shown by the geometric language of art, and provides artistic clues and guidance for people entering the space. The space design is built on the track, presenting the initial fantasy picture. Art endows the soul of the space, and the artworks interspersed among them enhance the expressive force of the space, and also give visitors more imagination and interactive experience.
The VIP area continues the design style, while integrating the elements of nature outside the window into the space. The interior is decorated with warm color wall cloth and artistic configuration. In the rhythm, you can feel the collision of peace and comfort, warmth and sense of science and technology.
The bathroom area integrates the elements of nature into the space, and the ornamental plants highlight the design of the sales office to return to the original sense. At the same time, the design of modern science and technology is interspersed with the vigorous nature, which is interesting.
Construction display area, horizontal and vertical line structure, no grandiose modeling, show the simplicity and delicacy of space. The metope chooses the construction decorative painting, and the overall linear sense of space echoes, forming the beauty of dynamic and static combination.
The theme of science and technology for children’s activities is chosen in the children’s activity area. The design of space, optical fiber lamp and screen often creates a sense of distance, and the “sense of science and technology” is also generated by the distance between the world we feel in life and the future world. Soft curves, technological lighting and mysterious atmosphere of space atmosphere show an immersive interstellar journey and encounter with future technology. It reacts with the flow of light and shadow to create a unique rhythm. With unique design techniques, the “flowing space” and “interactive space” permeate each other, creating a space full of science fiction feeling.

About Liu Yuan

In 2001, she founded Shandong Hechen Design Co., LTD., as one of the co-founders, and now serves as the chairman of the board. Under the management of Ms. Liu Yuan, the company has served and participated in more than 1,000 projects at home and abroad, providing professional and high-quality design service solutions for many well-known brands and enterprises, and institutions, organizing the design team to actively participate in authoritative design competitions at home and abroad. It has won the MUSE MUSE International Design Award and the French double-faced God GPDP AWARD international design AWARD, Italy A ‘design AWARD, China building decoration design, Guanghua longing design innovation, China construction engineering Luban prize, the prize of China international space design competition, east China design art, Shandong decoration design contest LuYi awards, survey and design competition in Shandong province, mount Tai cup design culture creative design competition, the bund AWARD, and other awards.
In 2009, he was appointed as executive director of the Women Entrepreneurs Chamber of Commerce of Shandong Federation of Industry and Commerce, executive vice President in 2014, and executive president in 2021.
In 2013, we cooperated with Accor Hotel Management Group to open the first IBis hotel in Jinan, Shandong province.
In 2015, he was appointed as an entrepreneurship Tutor at the Shandong University of Finance and Economics.
In 2017, he was appointed as one of the first college students’ entrepreneurship mentors at Shandong University of Chinese Medicine.
In 2019, he was appointed as the entrepreneurship tutor of Shandong University of Management.
In 2020, he was appointed executive director of the first Medical Insurance Ethics Branch of the Shandong Medical Ethics Society. Elected as the democratic revolution in Jinan city fraternity branch chairman.
In 2021, I was appointed as the tutor of the “Fledgling Female Business Elite Training program” of Shandong Institute of Management; As “a dollar love public welfare” (Jinan precision industry, and helping the poor public welfare project and the key of Jinan city charity federation quenching volunteers key public welfare projects) jointly sponsors, to love and loving people from all walks of life to provide voluntarily return society, to participate in public welfare activities of the platform, through the public good, for all groups need help to send to love and warm, We successfully held nearly 30 charity activities to help construction workers, garden workers, sanitation workers, poor children, left-behind children, and many other groups and individuals.
In 2009, he was rated as the Charity Ambassador of Shandong Province. The title of 60 female entrepreneurs was influenced by the election on the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of Shandong.
In 2011, she won the Style Award and Entrepreneurship Award for “The third Top Ten Economic Women in Shandong”.
In 2012, she was listed as one of the top ten rich people in Shandong province.
In 2020, she was awarded the “Fifth Top Ten Economic Women in Shandong” Person of the Year.

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