American International Innovative Design Award 2024

Interior design of Milanhua Hotel in Nanjiang CR Hope Town

The design was inspired by the influence between design experience, artistic aesthetics, and the project.

Firstly, through the expression and atmosphere of the interior space, it responds to the local environment, plants, and architectural features of Hope Town.
The concept of “the moment” reflects the local environment of the town. It is a psychological concept called the “peak-end rule”, which means the most impressive moment of an experience is the peak moment of the experience.
During the early stage of the project inspection, the project team members visited the surroundings many times to experience the peak moment. They extracted a few fragments and applied them to the design, such as mottled rammed earth walls, soft reeds, free birds, flaming maple leaves, etc.

Secondly, it is a solution to the confrontation and crossing between the countryside and the city.
The two aspects of “very touching” and “solving problems” answer the question of the integration of rural and urban areas.
First of all, a good design can be very touching. The utilization of local country elements awakens the inner desire for the nature of guests. A visual awakening from the extraction of local colors; the selection of materials creates a tactile memory, such as the use of rattan, rammed earth, bamboo poles, leather mats, and other materials to mobilize the guests’ memory of the countryside to gain a sense of intimacy.
Besides, a good design can solve problems. The project possesses a corresponding function of a city, such as a prefabricated high sound insulation wall system to ensure noise reduction. The intelligent design guarantees public safety, information management, information facilities, infrastructure, and information application systems of the hotel.

Thirdly, responding to Chinese culture through the design of spatial sequences.
The spatial design adopts the “view borrowing” approach of Chinese gardens. For example, there is a local rammed earth wall outside the panoramic glass wall of the hotel lobby. It is designed to connect the outdoor rammed earth wall to the interior space, so that it could extend the visual effect of the interior space, giving visitors endless imagination, which is called “view borrowing”. This method is used many times in the interior design of this project, borrowing the local characteristics of mountains, water, clouds, and forests, to express the design idea of ​​reproducing the original scenery in one place.

About Zoe & Juan


Associate professor at the School of Arts, Chongqing University; visiting scholar at the University of Pennsylvania, and deputy director of the Metaverse Art and Industry Innovation Research Center, School of Arts, Chongqing University. Main research directions: environmental art design, digital media art and experience design. She presided over and participated in more than ten scientific research projects, published three monographs, and published more than ten academic papers. Her design “Interior Design of Guanzishan Hotel in China Railway Anju Cultural Tourism City” won the Gold Award of the 9th China International Space Design Competition (2019); the Merit Award of the 9th National Environmental Art Design Competition “Design for China” (2020), which was hosted by the China Artists Association; the Gold Award for Hotel Space Design in the 6th Chongqing Environmental Art Design Competition (2019). Her project “Postal Savings Bank of China Chongqing Branch Operational Building” won the Gold Award of the 2019 “CBDA Design” Commercial Space Scheme, and the project “Yubei District Civic Service Center” won the Gold Award of the 2020 China Decoration Design Award Office Space Scheme.

About Zoe & Juan


Vice president of China Building Decoration Association, professor-level senior engineer, president of Decoration and Design Institute of Chongqing Architectural Design Institute, executive director and General Manager of Chongqing Gold King Architecture Decoration Co., Ltd., Editorial Board Member of “Interior Architecture of China” magazine, vice-chairman of Chongqing Construction Decoration Association, the expert on Science and Technology Awards of the construction decoration industry, expert of China Building Decoration Association expert database, vice-chairman of Yuzhong District Construction Industry Association, visiting professor of Chongqing Vocational College of Arts and Engineering, winner of China Construction Engineering Luban Prize (National Prime-quality Project).

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