American International Innovative Design Award 2024

Interior design of UME International Cineplex in Shanghai Xintiandi

UME International Cineplex is located in the south block of Shanghai Xintiandi and started a comprehensive upgrade and renovation in 2019. The renovation scope includes the lobby and corridors on the 4th floor of Xintiandi and the transformation of the largest movie hall into Samsung-onyx
Mr. Lee of Liwork studio is the main designer of the renovation project. The lobby and passages before the renovation were in ART DECO style, and the construction conditions were limited. The owner expected that the new cinema would be more bright and luxurious, and it could effectively solve the stranded problem of a large number of moviegoers, increasing the commercial contact area, and so on.
The initial design work was to communicate with the owner and Xintiandi about the direction of the renovation project, as well as the repositioning of the customer base after Xintiandi was upgraded. After the initial plan was approved, the designer made the overall adjustment to the existing building structure and equipment management.
The renovated cineplex satisfies the expected demand to the greatest extent, becoming more bright, concise, and energetic. In particular, two private rooms and exclusive VIP channels, VIP makeup rooms, and other supporting facilities have been added for onyx, which meets the high-end moviegoers of Shanghai. Although the overall renovation plan of Xintiandi and the epidemic occurred, the renovation have been completed successfully in 2020.

About L.Lee

Bachelor’s degree, senior engineer, graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of Yantai Nomal University (Ludong University) in 1996. He has been engaged in interior design, especially interior design for cinema, and has provided many projects for more than 20 film companies.

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