American International Innovative Design Award 2024

Jinmao Yueyang Jinmao future Plaza Apartment

The project is based in Yueyang, and mainly focuses on young consumers born in the 1980s and 1990s who are just in need, manual modification, and investment. The design is mainly based on the color of the space and the function of character positioning for the relatively modern and trendy life and aesthetic habits of the young consumer group. Emphasizing on labels, personal will and other aspects, the three types of apartment types of the project are clearly differentiated, and the interest of life is sought within the quality.

Self-occupation theme apartment
It is positioned at a young generation group with an international vision. Taking into account the particularity of the work and lifestyle of the entrepreneurial group, the space is structured with diversified functional divisions. In addition to the conventional bedroom, kitchen and other areas, an independent work area is also set up, and it is equipped with a complete high-quality office. supplies. At the same time, through the flexible arrangement of furniture, multiple areas for temporary office and business activities have been added.
At the same time, in order to coordinate the spatial attributes of “office + living”, the business-friendly gray is mainly used as the main color expression of the space. The grayscale on the color can better create the rigorous and rational work environment, while the escaped yellow can adjust the work and warm laughter with the family, so as to achieve a perfect balance between work and life.

Painting themed apartment
Targeting at the geographical young customer group engaged in art and design work in the region. As a group of designers who are immersed in art, creativity and vision, they have high requirements for life sentiment and quality of life.
Most of the space uses decorative accessories with a sense of shape to create a living environment that meets the aesthetic characteristics of the designer crowd. The chandelier with a full sense of design in the living room makes up for the large space on one side of the duplex structure and injects a touch of space into the space. A sense of artistic quality. The large cooking station in the kitchen, the exquisite handmade aprons, the vinyl record player and the silver cup beside the bed, the retro typewriter on the work table, and the geometric decorative paintings all depict the soul of a quiet old boy.

Beauty Theme Apartment
It is mainly designed and built for female freelancers who are pursuing self-worth. The overall space adopts romantic and casual pink tones as the main color expression, which echoes the identity characteristics of the customer group of this apartment type. It creates a space atmosphere full of flexibility and artistic sensibility.
Taking into account the living habits of the living groups, a large area of ​​activity is reserved on the first floor, which is convenient for artistic creation work and small gatherings of friends.
At the same time, the exquisite acrylic coffee tables and cups connected with metal, the artful candlesticks and ornaments, and the soft-touch sofas and blankets are moderately smart and soft, making people feel like falling into a In the gentle pink bubbles, a “nesting” home for independent women in the new era has been pieced together.

About MAUDEA Design, YHDQ Design

Maudea Design Studio

Founded by Mr. Mao Mingjing in Shanghai in 2011, MAUDEA design is a diversified design experience partner design firm, committed to providing international interior, home, commercial, graphic, and product design services for first-class enterprises in different industries, and has won many international design awards.

MAUDEA design adheres to the rigorous design attitude of creating a connotation space full of profound cultural heritage and rich emotion. With the design concept of globalization in mind, we believe that the design is not a representation, but a reflection of the state of mind to express the aesthetics meticulously and richly.

After 10 years of rapid development, MAUDEA design has nearly 200 team members. It has provided interior design and consulting services for more than 50 real estate groups and has been highly recognized by Vanke, Sunac, Greenland, Jinmao, Xincheng, Xuhui, Renheng, and Jindi, Zhongnan, Fuli, Zhengrong, Rongxin, Xinli, Jianfa, Midea and Lujin. In the Asia Pacific region, the firm also cooperates with world-renowned architects to create high-level and challenging cutting-edge projects.

About MAUDEA Design, YHDQ Design

YHDQ Design

An art-driven interior design company focuses on space decoration for sales centers, showrooms, hotels, and clubs. With a professional, in-depth and comprehensive service attitude, we provide customers with overall project design and management services. The specific business includes space decoration design, art customized production, procurement, and promotion.

First founded in 2007 as a Gallery, this company has always followed the concept of “decorating the artistic space and contributing to the value of the project”, and has accompanied the well-known national real estate development enterprises for more than 20 years. At present, the company is headquartered in Chongqing and has established branches in Shenzhen, Chengdu, Hangzhou, and Wuhan. With a team of people about 500, it provides services to projects all over China.

In the future, we will establish branches in more cities to closely serve customers, explore the art assets that can be applied in different cities in space, promote the flow of “space art assets”, and become a pioneer in the field of space art.

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