American International Innovative Design Award 2023


Design is the sum of life experiences. We experience carefully, listen carefully to our feelings of life, and give new vitality to the environment so that the state of mind can be transformed into peace in space. For us, the process of each project is work that is not a product. We cherish the emergence of every work, the professional team, and the spirit to create every inch of detail for you, tailored to your personal design and living space. Happiness at home-gathering and hiding. A comfortable and warm design can cleverly improve the quality of life.

Dark wood grain has a fresh and bright color temperature, even if the whole house is covered with pressure, there is a sense of retro substitution. Busy urban life brings a sense of pressure, I believe in stepping into a warm, comfortable home will be swept away. Light can easily reach every corner of the room, enjoy the most natural light source, and at the same time give a warm and friendly existence. The clear lines in the open space, through the facade and facade, series up different spaces to create an extended beauty. Return to a simple life and create a comfortable, warm, and practical leisurely space.


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