American International Innovative Design Award 2024

Light Daylight

The residence features softness and elegance of the American style to reveal the delicate details, while the simplicity and neatness of the modern style outlines the residence’s frame. Through the clash and integration of styles, a clear and unique view of space is created. Through the rearrangement of the layout, the view of the public domain is extended. The spacious panoramic layout allows daylight to flow smoothly so that every corner is bathed in warm light.

Soft white light greets you when you open the door. The space is free of superfluous elements and excessive decorative materials to release the pure nature of the space. Minimal lines, the simplicity of stone, and the warmth of wood build up a recessed hierarchy.

The earth-colored stone of the TV wall resembles the golden sand beach under the bright sun. The luster is refined by the light of daylight. The golden hanging display cabinet injects a rational temperament in the natural vibe, creating a harmonious aesthetic that offers rigidness and softness at the same time.

The half-height wall behind sofa delineates the study room, and the shallow grooves on the low wall are chiseled, echoing the fresh simplicity of the American style with the lines on the bookcase. The light wood tones in the canopy decorate the span of the beams, eliminating the abruptness of the volume, while the deliberately light pink color synchronizes to create a soothing reading time.

The dining space is decorated in stone. A gray and white stone pattern reduces the stimulation of senses and allows the eye to focus on delicacies on the table. The dining table is connected to the center island with bar, which not only provides more functions but also allows the homeowners to enjoy the tipsy and romance vibe of a bar.

Upon entering the bedroom, the colors are toned down in the space to create relaxing and soothing atmosphere for sleep. Large wood elements on the bedside wall are interspersed with a slim gray mirror and a white grille to interrupt the oppressiveness of continuous materials. The dressing room is designed with an open hanger rod to fulfill the homeowner’s storage habits. The differences of high and low levels can better store different types of clothing, adding more convenience while using.

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