American International Innovative Design Award 2024

Light @ Encounter ” does not have to borrow light, we are all stars

Light @ Encounter

You don’t have to walk by light / You and I are stars


Design Name: “Light @ Encounter”

Meaning: Meet by light, go with the light, warm souls will eventually meet

Design style: French small fresh

Design tone: cream style

Main material: wood grain floor tiles + slate + solid wood lines + colored latex paint

This case is positioned in the design style of French small freshness, using cream colors in a large area, green as an embellishment, set off the warmth and vitality of the monks;

Moore once said that “in order to find what we wanted, we traveled all over the world, returned home, and found” home is the beginning of everything and our ultimate destination;

There is the poetry of life, there is also spiritual satisfaction, I have seen the mountains and rivers, but I still do not forget the choice of life itself, the tranquility and far-reaching outside the noise;

In everyone’s heart, they have a vision for home and a better life;

In the long years, with the company of time, in the small details to find the favorite lifestyle, the whole design into the French elements, in the ordinary days to find romance, write dreams into life, feel the fireworks of life.

Based on the soft tone, the ground is wood grain bricks with original wood color, the shoe cabinet is a cream color tone, using green as an embellishment, green curved cabinet door shape, shoe cabinet arc corner and western kitchen cabinet seamless combination, the entrance space and western kitchen restaurant perfectly integrated, the temperament of the space, elegantly presented, in life to feel the natural fresh taste

The layout of the entire living room breaks our conventional layout pattern, using the scenery of the garden outside the window, the design creates the effect of the scenery in front of the window and the window, hoping to be wrapped in beauty every day of the future life, warm and happy, the design will be our western kitchen and our dining room and living room parallel space, the whole space will be expanded, the vision is wide, while feeling the fireworks in life, while looking forward to the beauty of life, not only meet the light, but also trace the beauty of the light, the entire wall is mainly cream, green as the embellishment, The ground is a log color, the wall uses lines, grille shapes, etc., the whole space of the soft and slender, delicate, serious attitude to life perfectly interpreted, the yearning for life, the pursuit of life, the sofa chose lamb wool fabric, the coffee table choice is biased towards the shape of the medieval style, both French romantic feelings, but also the pyrotechnic atmosphere of the medieval style; Considering the layered light and shadow effect of the entire space, in space, we will separate the living room and our dining room from the space of the ceiling, the living room adopts no main lamp design, and the drop position of our dining room uses a semi-arc design method, the entire top space transitions from the living room to the dining room, the space height of the dining room naturally increases, forming a height difference, the wall because of the size of the space, the wall corresponding to the top semi-arc shape is designed into a concave arc shape, perfectly combined with the top surface, the soft line of the TV wall, coupled with the rounded curved concave shape, the whole space becomes more soft and gentle;

Dialysis of every angle of the entire space, from the point, line, surface analysis of the space, the whole space is unified and coordinated, tightly interlocked, the circular arc shoe cabinet cabinet door shape into the house, the semi-arc ceiling of the living room, the concave arc shape of the wall, the semi-arc shape of the end of the dining table, the color uses cream as the main color, green as the auxiliary color, etc., to bring out the aesthetics, vitality, and pursuit of life of the entire space.

Shape invisible door, push in, oversized washbasin, meet the makeup needs of all hostesses, eye-catching art chandelier, hollow bed screen back, very breathable and transparent, apricot gray on the wall with wood color bed color using earth tones, to create a lazy and warm atmosphere of the space, quietly enjoy the slow time of life

Push open the wooden double door, come to the dream study in the literary movie, physically and mentally away from the fast-paced life, quiet and alone, the cream cabinet color adds to the softness and tranquility of the entire space;

The study and bedroom are connected as a connected space, expressing the visual relationship between the bedroom and the study space, creating fun and shared interaction;

The study and bedroom are separated by a French veil, which is extremely romantic, this is a transitional space for dreaming, a curtain of dreams, falling asleep, arranging the home into the space of their dreams, pursuing their own private princess room, full of ritual;

The main lamp of the bedroom is selected as the main lamp of the shell, the French delicate small chandelier next to the bed, the bedside background of mustard green, the rich color of the space, the warmth of the eyes, the light and shadow, the warmth of the room, and the delicacy inside.

Follow-up: We are all looking for our own light, home is our dawn, illuminating the inner world, warming and tolerating ourselves, so that we know how to feel the fireworks of life, and chase dreams with the light.

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