American International Innovative Design Award 2024

Mo Fan Design Office

Rams say once stated that his design philosophy was “less, but better.”
Mo Fan Design Office’s new office space in downtown Nantong, Jiangsu province, strikes the perfect balance between workplace and hotel design.
How should a space decorate the ability to make although the space passes the elapse of time still very good-looking, and produce affection for the space? A piece of furniture that will last is especially important. In all furniture, tables should be the most important. The atmosphere of a family is the atmosphere of the dining table. Family at the table, eating, chatting, reading, writing, playing cards, are appropriate.
Danshari, in minimalism, is the healthiest way to live, letting go of useless and superfluous things and keeping the things that will last a long time. I like the old town. There’s life in the old town. I like to have free rein. Every designer basically has the same understanding of design, which is to satisfy the function, to satisfy themselves, to satisfy the function reflected in the demand, and to satisfy themselves in the visual understanding. I love B&O and I love the old designs, whether it’s B&Obeovision7-40 or BeoSound 9000 six-disc CD or BeoLab 8000. What he communicates to us is itself visual, and then auditory. Of course, I am also a Dieter Rams fan, so I choose Dieter Ramsfor the display shelf.
For the living room, I chose WittmannWITTMANN, which is a handmade furniture brand used by the Austrian royal family. Tofu furniture with Noguchi yong, freehand, to make a relatively modern sense of space. It echoes the overall Morandi wall. Create a comfortable and relaxing environment.

About Mo Fan Design Office

Mo Fan Design Office was founded in 2010.Located in Jiangsu province, Mo Fan Design Office specializes in architectural space, interior design, material research, graphic and interactive design, etc.,dedicated to the design and research of high-end and experimental projects,From the perspective of spatial function, through the study of materials, we challenge convention, pay attention to detail and quality, and create a unique visual effect for each project.At the same time, as a collaborative platform for artists and designers, Wanshe hopes to combine creativity and technology, explore the past, present and future, and push the boundaries of creativity.Through the continuous analysis of one case after another, we combine design logic with business strategy, provide scenarios with design, explore operational innovation, and connect the ideal lifestyle and real consumption scenarios closely together on this accumulation, Thus achieving material and spiritual abundance.

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