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Moxa Roll Multifunctional Cup

Moxibustion is a Traditional Chinese Medicine technique with extremely high medicinal value and a long history. As moxibustion is a medical health treatment, moxa sticks are widely used and deeply loved by consumers. The near-infrared and far-infrared radiation and high temperature stimulation of different wavelengths of moxibustion will also produce different health care effects on the human body. In the current market, there are few professional manufacturers in the moxibustion industry who carefully develop the related products with reasonal price and high quality to solve some deficiencies of this industry, such as the universal extinguishing device of moxa sticks in different thicknesses, and the convenient for moxibustion operation and dust collection. After 2 years research and creation, the Global Ear Medical Technology Limited Company completed the multi-functional moxibustion appliance “Moxa Roll Multifunctional Cup”, and this product has already obtained 7 patents.
Moxa Roll Multifunctional Cup consists of two parts: the cup body and the cup lid. The cup body is made of environment-friendly materials such as plastics and ceramics. Ceramics can withstand high temperatures and are the place to directly contact and accommodate moxa sticks. The plastics effectively ensure that the product is not fragile and lightweight. The material of the lid is plastic and nylon fiberglass material which is high-temperature resistant. While ensuring normal and safe use, the mechanical principles such as iris structure and shift fork structure are used to make the diameter of the cover flexible and controllable, and the applicability is extremely high. The design of the cup body and lid effectively avoids the loss of the appliance during use, and also ensures the safety and health of the user.
Compared with other products on the market, Moxa Roll Multifunctional Cup has full upgrades and innovations, which perfectly guarantees the user’s practice. During moxibustion, the porcelain cup can not only be a container for users to scrape the moxa ash, but also hold it. The fork structure on the lid can control the telescopic size of the iris structure, so as to adapt to moxa sticks of different thickness on the market, and also facilitate the insertion , taking-out and fixation of the moxa sticks. When finishing use, Moxa Roll Multifunctional Cup adopts the principle of physical fire extinguishing: the cup body and the lid form a closed space, and the moxa sticks in this space are naturally extinguished due to the lack of oxygen and cannot continue to burn.
Moxa Roll Multifunctional Cup is a moxibustion appliance suitable for any moxa sticks with a diameter of 1.7-5 cm, which is convenient for users to use different styles of moxa sticks. When users want to end using it, they can easily seal the burning head with one button, and the moxa stick will automatically go out. When users want to use it again, they can easily open it with that button. The design is user-friendly and convenient, saving time and effort. In addition, Moxa Roll Multifunctional Cup can be used as a moxibustion fixture alone, placed on a suitable surface: desktop, stool surface, and the ground, holding the burning moxa sticks on the outside, which can be used for moxibustion on hands, head and face, chest and abdomen, thighs, calves, and feet. The product does not take up large space. At the same time, this product also perfectly solves the problem of ashes. When in use, users can directly touch the moxa stick to the porcelain cup, and the ash will automatically fall into the cup to be picked up, which is an integrated and convenient design.
Equatorial Rigui (the Chinese pinyin of Sundial) is a timekeeping tool in ancient China, and it is also an important design image for China’s state departments and various cultural institutions. The design of Moxa Roll Multifunctional Cup also uses this image, combining the product and moxa sticks to express the “Sundial”. “The sky is round and the place is square” is a kind of philosophical thought in ancient China, and it is a manifestation of “Yin and Yang” and “Five Elements”(two common theories in Chinese philosophy). The lid of Moxa Roll Multifunctional Cup is round and its base is square. The combination of the two parts symbolizes the balance of Yin and Yang, and the complementarity of motion and static. Combining products with Chinese characteristic culture not only enriches the connotation of products, but also facilitates cultural communication and exchange.
Moxibustion absolutely has good medical effects, but the best time for moxibustion varies with people’s constitution and the nature of physical diseases. At present when many people have little or no knowledge of Chinese medicine, Moxa Roll Multifunctional Cup has a prominent role in the popularization of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The graphic on the lid of the appliance shows the corresponding relationship between “hour” and “TCM Meridian Compass”. Through this design, users can clearly understand the running of Body Meridians that should be paid attention to at different time periods, which perfectly integrates functionality and medicine. The words in English on the pattern also make it convenient for users in other countries to understand the thinking of Traditional Chinese Medicine and observe the condition of their own bodies, effectively enriching the scope of application of this product.

About Global Ear Medical Technology (ShangHai) Limited Company (Qin Zhengxing, Shen Zhanjun, Tang Kun, Jiang Cong, Li Hongqiang, Tan Yiqian, Peng Shengli, Tang Youran, Chen Chen, Qin Guobin, Li Yunbin)

Global Ear Medical Technology (ShangHai) Limited Company was established in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park on January 8, 2020. It was exclusively initiated and established by Qin Zhengxing. It has standardized corporate governance. , Peng Shengli and Wang Cun. The company is mainly engaged in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of intelligent medical devices for ear medicine and real fire moxibustion, the R&D and manufacturing of medical and consumer-grade equipment such as the fundamental treatment of air smoke poisoning, the provision of high-quality consumables, the output of diagnosis and treatment technology of external treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, and education and training. It has been supported and empowered by many resources and forces from all walks of life, such as professionals in the medical field, scientific research teams in universities and so on.

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