American International Innovative Design Award 2024


The project is located in Building 42 of Optical Valley Software Park, east of Emei Mountain Road and west of Jiangshan Road, Huangdao District, Qingdao city. It is 1.1km close to Wangjiagang subway station, and the geographical location is extremely superior. The hotel has been adhering to the high-end design style, elegant style of guest rooms and suites, the design of the guest room is modern, relaxed and comfortable, specially customized research and development of the sleep system, can let every guest easily sleep, more considerate care. The hotel has a complete set of facilities, including a restaurant, multi-function hall, gyms, laundries, self-service kitchen and other facilities. The total construction area is about 10150 square meters, a total of 14 floors.

Design of description:
1.Space distribution
The first floor is mainly for the lobby, reception area, rest area, service desk, public toilet. Each area combines the space through various forms of modeling. In this way, not only can the decorative surface be increased, but also the area can be well divided, giving guests a relative intuitive sense of the atmosphere of the space, highlighting the atmosphere and comfort of the hall.

The second floor is a comprehensive multi-function hall and a small exhibition center. Diversified design style can meet the use of large-scale conference, new product release, lecture, academic discussion and other functions.

From the third floor to the 13th floor, we have all guestrooms. Ensure guest privacy and provide a comfortable and quiet environment for guests. The room is divided into deluxe business room, single standard room, double standard room, deluxe suite, etc., for guests to have a better choice.

From the third floor to the 13th floor, we have all guestrooms. Ensure guest privacy and provide a comfortable and quiet environment for guests. The 14th floor is mainly for the banquet hall and the dining room. The design style of the banquet hall and the dining room is modern and simple, which can meet the choice of different banquet forms.

2.Introduction of material
As we know, in the indoor environment, people mainly perceive physical substances through touch and vision, and their psychological feelings for the texture and texture of different decorative materials are quite different. The rational use of materials, as the material basis of the composition of space, its aesthetic spirit can be summarized by a sentence of Mr. Zong Baihua See the infinite in the finite, and return to the finite in the infinite.

Compared with the design itself, all the conscious fantasies caused by various sensory stimulus create a spiritual space environment, emphasizing the initiative of the mind and highlighting the decisive role of the individual ‘heart’ in external objects.

Hence, it is goal for designer to build the environment with distinctive, artistic quality strong, individuation. We need combination of a certain number of kinds of different material rises to undertake adornment, because the quality of material and beauty of texture can reveal adequately for people.

Successful hotel design is not only to meet the functional needs of its use, novel design, more important is to mix and assimilate different regions and cultures.

Design is not a profession, it is an attitude and a concept, a planning (planning) attitude view. — Laszlo Moholy-Nagy.

Design involves planning an action that controls its results, and it is difficult intellectual work and requires caution in critical decision making. It does not give top priority to appearance, but takes into account all aspects of its consequences, including economic, social and cultural effects. — Little, Ulm School of Design, Germany

Additionally, design is the reflection of society and culture. Therefore, design is an ideal of society. To discuss the development trend of design art, we should first look at people’s notion of society, or requirements, or illusions, or expectations, or responsibilities.

The design of hotel should bring a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere for guests, so the design of materials and lighting try to meet the needs of them. The interior decoration is designed to synchronize with the needs of the society and the guests. In this way, it allows ordinary people’s emotions to be vented to a large extent, thus arousing the emotional resonance of consumers from the heart. This kind of design innovation can successfully win the market.

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