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A modern fusion of Oriental beauty – condensed Oriental charm

The more noisy and flashy the outside world, the more the inner desire for peace. In the fast-paced contemporary life, we can’t slow down the whole world, but we can choose a place where we can place our hearts, try to remove the shackles, put down the worries, and slow down and calm ourselves down.

The owner of this case is a couple who love traditional culture, they hope to inject Oriental charm into their home, not the stereotype of Chinese elements, but simple and elegant at the same time, without losing the fresh and brilliant humanistic atmosphere. In addition, they also hope to create a good cultural atmosphere for the children, as well as a relaxed and pleasant parent-child atmosphere and can grow up with two babies. Since both parents occasionally come to live with them, they also want the family to be happy and keep each other company but also have a private and independent space. According to the owner’s conditions, living environment, and planning for the future life, the designer Lin Shanghuai rearranged the structure of the original residence, and finally worked out the most suitable plan for the owner’s family through repeated communication and exchanges, presenting a traditional Chinese style into a modern residential space. The overall space is modern + Chinese style as the main axis, with different materials, lighting, soft decoration, elements, etc., so that it produces scattered changes, with pure lines to outline a rich level, which contains strong humanistic feelings, but also retains the temperature of the home in the modern context.


Zen dwelling, Zen, is a realm of indifferent fame and wealth and is also a healthy and wise way of life. In the confusion, looking for a Zen residence, more able to save us from the choice of gains and losses, tension and anxiety. The case is to integrate Zen into the details and drops so that residents can feel the exquisite calm and comfort all the time, so that the Oriental charm and people, and the space between is no longer an unattainable sense of distance, but into the existence of daily life.

The living room, as a spiritual miniature of a family, explores a delicate balance between movement and stillness. The distant mountains on the background wall are dim and rocky. It embodies the ink complex engraved in the bones of Chinese people for thousands of years, and also symbolizes the boundless future and soaring. Holly flower art can be seen everywhere, simple utensils, and ornaments, reflecting the indoor Zen elegant rhyme, wash together, back to nature.

The suspended wall between the first and second floors is like an antique token, highlighting a sense of identity and a combination of matter and spirit. Following the concept of “round sky and place” containing Oriental wisdom, it integrates the symmetrical beauty of traditional Chinese style, showing the Chinese people’s respect for nature incisively and vividly, and at the same time, it has no sense of harmony with modern space design. Elegant high-grade gray, gentle wood color, hardwood, and soft cloth form a sharp contrast at the same time, but also in each other. It is also the organic combination of tradition and modernity, East and West, showing a unique emphasis and heritage.

The beauty of simplicity is similar to the simplicity and indifference of “Zen”, and minimalism is to abandon all useless complexity and retain the most primitive and purest life. The designer simplifies the color, lighting, and raw materials to a minimum, breaking the dull and heavy traditional Chinese style, advocating the outline of far-reaching artistic conception with simple lines, integrating contemporary art into the Eastern artistic vision, and condensing a unique and fresh aesthetic of life.

The TV, which can rotate 360 degrees, can act as a partition without affecting the visual extension and the introduction of natural light. One side is a leisure area for family interaction, communication, and entertainment; On one side is the elegant, quiet open tea room. A tea table, a tea set, a few wooden chairs, a world, simple, but can resolve fatigue, wash the soul. As the saying goes: “One tea, one world, one life.” With no cumbersome embellishments and no deliberate carving, it can make the original noisy and disturbed heart settle down between brewing, return to calm, and return to nature.

The aerial design provides a more affluent functional area for the first-floor space and a good lighting effect. The flexible lines move between different materials, making the interaction between people vivid. The ink painting on the wall of the sofa background, in the light and shadow dancing, contrasted with the rotating TV, every move is a quiet scenery. Simple more than complex, less than more, traditional and modern, minimalist and Zen gradually transition, interweave, and finally connect as one.


Without losing temperature, the design should do “subtraction”, the life should be orderly, but the space should also lose temperature. Considering that the original entrance was too narrow and cramped, the designer re-arranged and transformed it reasonably. Take out the whole foyer and stretch it out. The bedroom adopts the invisible door design, which uses the same material, texture, and color system as the wall to divide the independent space while maintaining visual unity and creating an integrated effect.

Sofas, tables and chairs, coffee tables… Black, white, grey, and wood colors are widely used, giving people a sense of calm and peace of mind. When the white gauze curtain is blown by the wind, the sun pours in from the window, and the eyes are full of elegant and warm gestures.

The semi-open effect of the living room and tea room is “still holding the pipa half covering the face” so that a space can realize more life demands. Here, each family member can find their favorite things and casual interaction, but also let the family’s emotions be more harmonious.

A vegetable, a rice, a dish, and a soup are all life. No matter how many lights are up on the table ordinary but romantic fireworks gas.

As Mr. Qian Zhongshu said in “Writing on the Edge of Life”: “Take a bath, see a flower, eat a meal. If you are happy, it is not because your bath is clean, or the flowers bloom well, or the food is to your taste, but chiefly because your mind is free.”

If you treat each present moment without clutter, you can find purer fun and appreciate more pure beauty. And such a quiet, peaceful, and full of humanistic atmosphere of the residence, is the city of Zen dwelling, but also the pursuit of the spiritual world of a pure land.

About Shanghuailin

Working for more than 20 years, Lin Shanghuai has witnessed the development and changes in China’s interior design industry. He focuses on the design of private houses, attaches importance to the internal and external environment of space, does not stick to a specific style, is not bound by limited space, the design is people-oriented, respects the harmonious coexistence of human and natural environment space, and do a good job of useful, beautiful, healthy and warm design.

Lin Shanghuai follows the concept of “design with temperature”, and designs with empathy, responsibility, and a sense of mission to live up to the trust of the owner entrusts the space with sustainable vitality and maximizes the integration of artistic aesthetics and practical functions. With different styles of design language, create a warm space design works.

Honors received (part)

2018 NetEase Happy Home Design first prize

The 11th Zhu Rong Award Competition · Excellent Award

The 9th Nesting Award Villa Space Excellence Award

The 15th Huading Award Villa Luxury Gold Medal

Gold Award in the Residential category of the 2019 Asia Pacific Design Competition

2020 Ruili Home Life Excellent Design Award

2020 Foton Cup · Top Ten Home Decoration DesignersNational in China

2020PChouse Private House Design Hall of Fame member

The 17th Golden Bund Award for Best Furnishing Art · Silver Award

China Interior Design Championship national Division Space Aesthetics Award

Shenzhen Futian District people’s government specially engaged an architectural decoration, design consultant

2020PChouse Private House Design Award Villa Design of the Year Award

Academic and Educational Committee of China Architectural Decoration Association · Design expert

2021 China Ten Square Real Combat Competition & Mango Award · Special Judge mentor

The 8th China National College Students Environmental Design Competition · Professional judge mentor

The 9th Golden Creative Space International College Student Design Competition · Invited professional tutors

Mars Age Education Interior Design Institute appointed expert, villa design expert

2021 Three-winged bird | Casardi “Black Label Design Alliance” creation camp · Special judge mentor

The 7th French Duplex International Design Award Villa Luxury International Innovative Design Award

American Interior Design China 2021-2022 China Interior Design Annual Cover Person

IDPA AWARD International Pioneer Design Award for Villas and luxury homes

2021 Italy IIDA International Design Award International Innovative Design Award in the Villa Space category

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