American International Innovative Design Award 2024

Shanghai R & F. 10 villa private residence

What should a private house be to look like, warm and natural? It’s people like it. But private houses, of course, are different, fashion, art, and parties become mainline of the family, and we need to create a more distinct residential space.
The foyer on the first floor enters from the garden, I put the foyer and studio two spaces into a connected design, glass brick can hide the olive green chair, if hidden, the right directly open, with the suspension device to pull up the stereo sense of space, look up, the face light to create the illusion of the door.
In the main space, the architectural techniques in the space design, are more interesting, more simple

About Lu Yingkun

Private house interior designer, advocate the design of the home should be more life, more natural, more comfortable, and simple.

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