American International Innovative Design Award 2024

The Design of LIMGENE AUTO New Retail Exhibition Hall Series

AE-LAB is the Greater China Aesthetic Experience Center built by Yumei Group, which strives to present the noble and elegant temperament of Yumei brand and its users and the unique appreciation and speculation of life aesthetics in terms of space modeling language and material language, reflecting the unique charm of high-class female power in the new era, empowering brand value through space remodeling, and highlighting the multi-dimensional, multi-level and multi-perspective “female aesthetic wisdom” of Yumei aesthetics. The combination of material language and space grammar of space is in line with the commercial thinking and function of Daxi aesthetics, and the collision of soft burgundy silk fabric and dark stone is a wonderful interpretation of the brand’s spirit condensed into a spatial entity. At the same time, each floor echoes each other through details, and the spatial sequence is relaxed, forming a complete space image system by aesthetics.

About Yeo Chen Yolanda Hao

Chen Xieran

Master of Design, Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University Chief Designer of Beijing Oberline Design Consulting Co., Ltd. Design Director of Beijing Chaoyang District Youth Huimeng Art Design Service Center Zhuhai Lingji Auto Space Brand Aesthetic Officer

Hao Yu

UCL Master of Architectural Design, University College London, Master of Art and Design, Tsinghua University, Director of Architectural Design, AE-LAB Design Group

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