American International Innovative Design Award 2024

Xi ‘an Green City Apartment

In Xi’an Greentown Apartment, the designer grasps the inner needs of apartment residents, integrates design into human nature, applies a large number of natural elements to the design, and creates a spiritual habitat for users to return to nature, which not only meets the spiritual needs of users but also satisfies the pursuit of tranquility in the hearts of users.

This project belongs to Xi’an Greentown Guanlan Project, located in the new urban development area next to the Xi’an Olympic Sports Center, the project is positioned in the first-line out-of-print river scenery and super high-rise landmark cluster. Suitable for business and livability, there are 8 kilometers of happy shoreline, 3000 square meters of the first line of Quanyun Lake, intimate property services 5-star supporting design. According to the psychology, lifestyle, and values of the user, the designer has created a living space that integrates quality, appearance, function, and experience, so that the design returns to its authenticity.

The spacious lobby is bright, simple, and classy, and the division of different functional areas, coupled with large floor-to-ceiling windows, brings sunlight directly into the interior, bringing each visitor multiple feelings.

The distinctive corrugated chandeliers at the contact point symbolize Yang Fan’s departure, and a few green plants are placed in the elegant space, making the lobby appear vibrant.

The chic chandelier is like a shining star, bringing light to the lobby at night, the beige and gray sofa is simple and elegant, and the fabric pillow instantly creates a warm and suitable space atmosphere.

Silver decorative table lamps can not only illuminate, but also add an artistic sense to the space, and the interesting ornaments in the cabinet make the environment more flexible.

The gray-black floor makes the space more noble, and the brown and beige walls make the corridor look more romantic and stylish, and also save the narrow depression.

The irregularly arranged spotlights on the ceiling make the lighting more even, making the hall more atmospheric.

The circular geometric wall is full of three-dimensionality, the clear texture makes the wall more eye-catching, and the chic lamp has a simple and fashionable atmosphere, which not only adds ethereal and softness but is also full of freshness.

Although the front desk is simple but stylish, the small chandelier arrangement makes the space more full and interesting.

The gray-brown table and blue sofa make the space soft and modern with a touch of luxury.

The rounded washbasin and mirror show the attitude and taste of life, and also instantly improve the quality of the space.

 Crystal ornaments make the earthy tabletop shine and also add spirit to the interior.

Appropriate use of each space, the details are dense, and all functional areas do not interfere with each other but are perfectly integrated, creating a sense of “you have me, I have you, seamlessly integrated” space, composed of exquisite, natural, and relaxing poetic habitat.

The three-dimensional effect brought by the creative decoration of the wall gives people a strong visual impact, the flowers and rattan upholstered leisure chairs inject new vitality into the home, and the layered lighting becomes the most important atmospheric catalyst, making the space present an original beauty and warmth.

The reception room abandons the popular glossy surface, the dark and elegant wall presents a mottled and dull texture, the original furniture highlights the peace of home and nature, and under the low color temperature of the lighting, the indoor atmosphere presents a quiet and hazy feeling, as if at this moment all the complexity and hustle and bustle are abandoned, making people feel peaceful and peaceful.

The gray bedside and bedding replace luxury with simplicity, allowing the style of the bedroom to be at ease, and the natural bedside table of the original wood is environmentally friendly and unique, allowing the inner room to integrate with nature and create a minimalist wabi-sabi beauty.

The hand-woven chandelier combines the connotation of appearance and a strong sense of texture, full of personality and creativity, which enhances the high-class style of the entire space.

The simple and exquisite woven elements make the table top and pillows reflect a textured beauty, bringing a traditional charm and original sense of space atmosphere to the space.

The dull, plain color brings peace to the soul, and although the overall space is integrated into the same whole, still retains its unique design to make the overall space more diverse, irregular walls leave white space to better express the form of the space, asymmetrical glass windows add liveliness to the inner room, echoing the original woven items in the interior.

 The wood-colored office furniture is unpretentious, elegant in color, natural, and healthy, showing quality, and small green plants make the space appear infinitely vibrant, making people full of novel desire to explore and learn.

The striped bedside background makes the bedroom more three-dimensional, and the combination of black, white, and gray is low-key without losing identity, creating a pleasant and quiet atmosphere for the space, and also fully reflecting the status, talent, and taste of the owner.

The asymmetrical bedside lamp makes the indoor space more artistic, the background texture of the bedside is clear, and the bedding material collides with each other, which is stable with each other, making the bedroom more modern warm, and delicate.

The wall three-dimensional decorative painting not only has a convex and concave three-dimensional sense visually, but also the material is also convex from the picture, and the wall decoration of the camera element is very dynamic, instantly beautiful into a landscape, and better realize the interaction between spaces.

The black sofa is solemn, cold, and full of mystery and sexiness, which not only increases the momentum of the space, but also highlights other color furniture, A touch of new green, illuminates the vision in the pure realm, and makes the rest time more comfortable.

The black floating staircase design with the handrail of the same color looks full of high-end, making the space more spacious and the view more open, and the modern furniture arrangement interprets the high-quality, simple, and comfortable attitude of life with a more rational, and intelligent attitude.

The chain-shaped crystal lamps are gorgeous and exquisite, making the interior transparent and atmospheric, and the scattered greenery makes the space full of Zen and also gives the space a full sense of tension.

There is nothing with real value in the world that can be obtained without hard work, life needs hard work, and work needs to be careful!

What does the workplace bring to workers?

Here, the designer combines art and office, abandons the cold shaping of business to shape the art space, starts from the concept, pursues quality, focuses on details, adopts harmonious colors, warm lighting, and reasonable layout, and builds a “free office” daily situation, so that the office is simple, fashionable, comfortable, and no longer monotonous.

The use of stone is full of pure natural charm, colliding with the beautiful beauty of nature, bringing embellishments to the space, curved tables and chairs, and chic mirror bodies make the calm space more interesting.

Simple but not simple, the highly personalized office chair allows everyone to work without distractions, and also gives the space a leisure function, allowing workers to pay tribute to work and themselves with full scores.

The chair is not only a display of function, but also increases the beauty of the shape of the space, and the transparent partition meets the needs without losing its agility, bringing visitors a looming experience, which is more mysterious!

The suspended bedside table design makes the space cleaner. The rustic colors of light but earthy tones create a sense of tranquility and relaxation, with a tranquil and distant temperament, and pink throw pillows add softness and a homely feel, making rest time the ultimate enjoyment.

The design of the light strip at the staircase is intimate, stylish, and full of culture, connecting the two spaces.

The irregular lighting shows the liveliness and rhythmic details, dazzling and bright, making the space full of movement.

A whole glass wall makes the whole space more transparent, making the room bright and spacious.

The transparent glass railing perfectly blends the upper and lower spaces, bright and fresh.

A simple “beginning” contains extraordinary meaning, white elegance, black classic, two eternal staple colors composed of the desk make all work tough.

Overlooking the lobby, the colors are low but playful, and the three working units of three sets of sofas, tables, and chairs are both independent and interconnected and can better adapt to the rhythm of the modern office.

Sitting by the window, you can enjoy a different view of the scenery and relax your nervous mood in your spare time.

The red, black, and blue color combination presents an interesting contrast relationship and rhythm, and the configuration of a large desk can discuss work or leisure and entertainment, rich and diverse, and the small functional chair is equipped to highlight the flexible and free atmosphere.

Bright, relaxed, and orderly, sitting around the table on a comfortable office chair, you can discuss work, you can also listen to the voice of the times, and find the heart and spirit of Zhang Chi.

The rational use of space to place irregular tables and chairs in the limited space greatly improves the functionality of the space, meets the needs of office functions, and creates a more harmonious working atmosphere.

The clever use of split-layer treatment perfectly divides the upper and lower spaces, which not only helps the moving line experience but also vividly shows the fashion and practicality. The light strips and lines on the ceiling and floor also interpret the beauty of geometric divisions.

Geometric lines and natural textures present a well-textured line effect, giving the space a more layered feeling. Unique ornaments and flower arrangements make the space full of art and give visitors a more artistic experience.

The blue walls, combined with the straight lines that feel light, also make the corridor more lively and modern.

Choose a desk with a simple structure and high-grade material, with gray floor mats, hard and soft in the middle, and a small sofa with a mini tea table, beautiful and practical.

The starry ceiling, which combines romance and beauty, looks up from the comfortable sofa as if swimming in the vast starry sky, which can not only light up the space but also bring pleasure from focused work.

The design of sitting in rows has a strong sense of ceremony, has a strong function, and the open view without partitions makes people feel comfortable.


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