American International Innovative Design Award 2024

Yamano Kamiyoshi

This is a set of large flat floor apartments with a construction area of 188㎡, the biggest feature is that L-shaped surrounding large balconies, and the visual view faces the mountain and river views, and the view is very open. The owners are a middle-aged couple in their 50s, and their daughter goes to college in the field and does not return often. Considering the couple’s needs for sexual improvement, the original 4-bedroom design was transformed into a master bedroom ensuite, an open-plan multi-functional room, a reserved daughter’s room, and a half-open male owner’s study. The design of the living room and dining room is mainly to rotate the direction of the sofa seat by taking advantage of the mountain view, avoiding the shortcomings of the original living room TV wall is too short and not atmospheric. After the Chinese and Western kitchens are separated, the owner’s simple breakfast and the main dining room function are separated. The open-plan study room is connected to the balcony, which can relax and relax with the view, and can also open the door to connect with the kitchen. The original bathroom of the master bedroom is too small, the basic function is unreasonable, and it expands to the direction of the multi-functional room, in the case of ensuring the size and function of the multi-functional room that can be occasionally occupied, the master bedroom suite with double doors enters the house, the function is upgraded, the storage capacity is increased, and the sense of quality is improved. The perspective design of the entrance of the entrance echoes the Western kitchen, which not only enhances the sense of ritual of returning home, but also allows the family members of the western kitchen operator to pay attention to the direction of the family entering the house and the aisle, the family affection flows and the life is warm. The overall color and tonality are mainly modern light luxury, incorporating a bit of new Chinese cultural scenery, which is more in line with the living habits of modern people, and inherits the charm of Chinese culture

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