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Another symbiosis of people, things and things in space

Another symbiosis of people, things and things in space

each own space

It’s all a construction of the self-field

It is a baptism of self-spirit

It’s a renunciation of one’s own life

It is the shadow of life philosophy

It is also a symbiosis of people, things and time in space

11,000 adult trees, 120,000 square meters of forest, and 100,000 square meters of green space, all of which are full of vitality in the eyes. This place is as beautiful as “Jurassic Park”. “Secret Realm” is a high-tech residence located in Putuo District, Shanghai – Zhongying·Black Forest.

The whole project has 8 major systems and 34 patented technologies; 102 kinds of world-class building materials; the greening rate is as high as 100%, just like being in the Black Forest of Germany; and the somatosensory temperature in the project is 6-8 degrees lower in summer and 4 degrees higher in winter, super high oxygen-rich It can be described as a well-deserved technological residence.

In such a living environment, the creation of every small home is full of yearning for future life. This project is also a “future living space” created by a family of three and designers. So how to build a 300-square-meter high-tech residence?

The owner of the house is a happy family of three, with a lovely boy and a second child in the future. Therefore, in the layout of the house, the best south-facing space was reserved for the children, and two children’s rooms were created. The life of the hostess and hostess is also full of artistic and cultural atmosphere. In order to satisfy the family to have enough space for quiet study and enjoyment of art in the future, frameless curved glass partitions are used without breaking the overall transparency and brightness of the dining room. There is a study room. Considering that there are children at home, the designer added a curved bookcase under the glass to prevent the children from bumping into the glass. In terms of style, technology and modern design are integrated into the artistic style, and the whole is built with simple tones and high-quality furniture. The overall space is calm and heavy, yet simple and elegant. It seems to sprinkle every romance and emotion in every corner of the room.

Look, what was crushed and thrown in?

It’s Sunshine: Born to the Sun

This is a house spoiled by the sun

The north-south transparent pattern plus panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows

The light of vision is indulged in the air every second

The sun shines on the sofa through the invisible curtains

Soft and comfortable fabric, cool and advanced blue

Let your body and mind be released in the space created by this sofa

The sun shines in through the blind curtains

Soothe the tiredness of the day

The side table in the living room echoes the color of the sofa

Place it on a marble table top

A portable table lamp setago from &Tradition

Simple, beautiful and easy to use without plugging in

VitraResting Bear blue resting bear lying on the ground

Injects a touch of vitality into the simple space

It seems that even the carpet is breathing

Decorate every detail in the wall

All perfectly interpreted with different videos

EasyEdges series of corrugated stools sitting on the ground

Zhang Zhanzhan’s limited edition red pupu bear by the wall is out of print

even in a small space

can also find the symbiotic energy

The material of soundproof glass ensures privacy in space

Without destroying the transparency of the original space

At the same time, in order to ensure the safety of children

A family-sized bookcase is built in the lower part of the outer periphery of the study

It can only consider the safety and meet the storage function of books

Design wood grain desk

The curved lines echo the overall lines of the study

Bookshelf combining black and wood grain

Decorate with a golden table lamp

Sitting on the edge of the bed between desks

&Tradition shuffle tea table and sofa, desk and bookshelf

The perfect fusion of depth and agility in the space

The study room separated by the living room space

also secretly smell the sun

Turn over a book you want to read, put a piano

All eyes are warm and beautiful

Time may be willing to stop its hasty pace

Let the years look quiet and good

It is the smell of fireworks: the most soothing


The reflection of the afternoon is elongated

Dining room that echoes the living room

Sharing the different sunlight and scenery at the north and south ends

Custom-made YEZ ZONE terrazzo dining table

Half arc, half right angle perfectly fit the island platform

With designer chandeliers

The light and shadow make the delicious taste of the entrance become the darling of art

Dark gray and white tones as the overall color scheme of the kitchen

The square island is practical and beautiful

Make daily chai rice oil salt sauce vinegar tea

Exudes a different smell of human fireworks

Carefully caressing the hearts of mortals

Texture: simple and advanced

Some people say that the closer to the body

The more advanced the embodiment of texture

Every night’s dream is inseparable from the blessing of the bedroom

The simple Italian style vividly depicts the sense of luxury in the bedroom

In order to use the space more rationally

Remove the wall between the original cloakroom and the bedroom

The background of the bed is made directly from the back of the cloakroom

Increased the depth of the bedroom by 20 cm

Velvet headboard plus high-end comfortable mattress

The simple yet textured background wall silently adorns the master bedroom with a sense of luxury

a neutral wardrobe with a wood grain border

Indifferent without losing a trace of jumping

Complements the texture of the cloakroom

Every lamp at the head of the bed, every decoration

No more, no less, just right

Silently exerting its own value in the space

use dark blue with gray for a boy’s room

The yellow single product is used as an embellishment of space color

The other room is reserved for the little life that will join the family in the future

so a neutral palette of dark green and orange

Collision of red and green; blue and yellow

It seems that every night I fall asleep

Can playfully tell two fairy tales

The different bathrooms are also done in neutral colours.

Gray and white color matching is not only a classic in the era

It is also the fashion of the future of the city

The whole house is 300 square meters

Every space rebuilds a new life here

This place is full of sunshine, filled with the smell of fireworks, and also full of sense of luxury

The details hidden in every place are exquisite and meticulous

These are life attitudes that have been crushed and thrown in

derived another self

The symbiosis of another person, object and time in space

Contribution project: Eagle Black Forest in the 40 million flat layer of Putuo District, Shanghai

Designer: YEZI

Household brand: YEZ ZONE

Photographer: Xiao Xie

Contact number: 18817251126

About Junjiao Ye

Temperament is hidden in her words, her body, her face, her design works, her attitude, her voice, and her sparkling eyes…


She has the unique gentleness and tranquility of Jiangnan women, but her name reveals a drive and tenacity. She is the designer-Ye Junjiao, and her friends call her “Ye Zi”. Ye Junjiao looks kind and lovely, with a bright smile always embedded on his face, and his eyes are clear and divine. When it comes to interior design, Ye Junjiao’s eyes are shining brightly. Some people have their own vocation and mission, and design is her love and attitude.

Talking about the influence of design on her, she said that becoming an interior designer, this role change has brought about a lot of changes in her personality. From shy to talkative, from introverted to optimistic and cheerful… In the past, the design only needed to do a good job in the design itself, but later it was more about communicating with customers and discovering the deep-seated needs of customers. In fact, most of the time, customers are ambiguous about their own preferences and have limited knowledge of decoration styles, so it is very important to discover their true preferences through communication, which is also an important reason why her design can be recognized.


Any growth does not happen overnight. Ye Junjiao used “discover beauty, create beauty, and appreciate beauty” to annotate her works. Only those who understand the aesthetics of life can carve out satisfactory works by searching up and down with artistic brushstrokes. Presenting the sense of art in the space, showing the temperament and charm of the space, for Ye Junjiao, art has an indispensable unique charm in the space. However, shaping the artistry of space is by no means a simple artwork decoration. It needs to be ingeniously figured out from the spatial structure and spatial level to create intriguing connotations for people.

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