American International Innovative Design Award 2024

Business – Outdoor Pants Numero 1

JOEONE Co.,Ltd. identified the market gap and targeted the business men who have a strong demand for outdoor activities and sufficient purchasing capacity. JOEONE collaborated with experts in fashion trends, fabrics, outdoor, and golf fields to develop the “Business – Outdoor Pants Numero 1”. These pants feature innovative “Triple-Super and Triple-Protection” technology fabric and are designed with different functions suitable for users’ changing needs based on different seasons. The spring and summer version of the pants for business outdoor activities is characterized by being super lightweight, super elastic, and super high permeability of  water vapor , while also offering wrinkle resistance, sun protection, and light rain resistance. With unique features , it solves the pain points for users in both business and outdoor scenarios, providing a better business outdoor experience. The autumn and winter version is characterized by being super warm, super elastic, and super high permeability of  water vapor, while also offering wrinkle resistance, wind resistance, and light rain resistance. Through technological innovation, JOEONE has applied nano-fiber membrane to men’s pants for the first time, focusing on the development of solutions that provide professional, comfortable, and warm wear for men in the business outdoor autumn and winter scenes.

About JOEONE Co.,Ltd.

JOEONE is the global leader in sales of men’s pants and has been focusing on the field of men’s pants for 34 years. With accumulated data from 12 million body measurements, it has become a participant in the formulation of Chinese men’s pants standards. With a total sales of 100 million pairs, Jiumu Wang sells one pair of pants every 7 seconds. It has developed high-stretch fabrics with a stretching ratio four times that of ordinary fabrics.

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