American International Innovative Design Award 2024

City Man

The nature of space lies in the interaction between people and the city
Don’t be stingy with the tension of colors and get more concrete images

I think the greatest joy of design comes from its uncertainty:
There is often no strong sense of novelty in our current life when imagining what you can get in reality:
If the desire is proportional to what you get, you will lose the unexpected joy of simple and quiet life:
The life and tracks that we lead now, including aesthetics, are expected to bring more uncertainties and disconnections
And they must be upward with high quality.

In this case, black and grey are used as the basic tone to create this space in a contemporary form.
We name it: City Man. We think it is a city elite, because this Party A is also an elite.
We want to give the city’s mainstream groups a high-quality space and a high-quality attitude of life in such a label form to show different styles of life:
It’s more elegant with people and space.

About Vincent Liu Feng

BND space design/founder

I. S.FO Soft design/co-founder

2018 China Design Star National Top 12.

2018 China 40UNDER40 Shandong outstanding young designer.

2018 China Golden Hall Award for Outstanding Residential Award.

Best 100 homes in 2018.

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