American International Innovative Design Award 2024

Hexi JinMao Palace·Pingliang Shangfu Jingyuan,Nanjing

With regard to future design, we want to focus on the essence beneath the surface. The core of a city is not only the balance and integration of business forms, but also the balance of work and life of the people living in the city. Compared with other things in the world, the most extravagant ones, I think, may be the freedom of conversion between time and space.

Nanjing Pingliang Shangfu Jingyuan is a high-end living residence in the Hexi Business District, which is the second largest central business district only after Shanghai’s Lujiazui CBD. People who live here are the industrial elites from Alibaba, Xiaomi, and other leading companies. Nanjing Pingliang Shangfu Jingyuan is adjacent to Hexi Ecological Park and Nanjing Foreign Language School HeXi Campus. The combination of financial technology advantages, good ecological environment and good atmosphere of study, makes it bound to become an emerging gathering place for government agencies, offices and commercial facilities in Nanjing. In the framework of the big environment, we magnify the advantages of each dimension.

Convenient access to rail transit, abundant educational resources, complete living facilities mean high efficiency and low consumption for daily living, which help you save much more time and brings you much more leisure to enjoy the magnificent river view.

Attach importance to high-quality life

Space is extended through the sequential combination and arrangement. The overall planning complies with the classical spatial order and adopts symmetry layout somewhere, therefore a luxurious resident experience is created.

As modern people value the comfortable social distance, the buildings are oriented in a different way from that of the plot and the distance between buildings is enlarged, so that the sight of high-rise landscape is unobstructed, and every unit enjoys unlimited landscape vision. The large-scale central park created by the surrounded buildings shows both the grand style of China’s classic architecture and the concept of shared space in modern communities. With a central axis, the buildings are laid symmetrically; due to the design, the project features prosperous appearance and peaceful inner atmosphere, reflecting the elegance and nobility of the honorable family.

The passage for vehicle is located in the west side of the community, and the passage for residents is located in the south side of the community. Motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles are parked in the basement, and there is no parking in the community, so as to realize the diversion of people and vehicles.

The classic design of the main entrance conveys the warm welcome to the dwellers. The central garden is wide and light somewhere, and decorated with plants and facilities in some other places, the interwoven light and shade create a unique space experience for body and mind.

In view of the regional environment, we apply aluminum curtain wall as the facade of the main buildings, which is rarely seen even in the top residences and echoes well with the CBD and the emerging business circle. Thanks to the special processing technology with champagne gold as the main color, the buildings look resplendent in the rising sun and afterglow. It expresses flexibility, freedom and texture through the secondary artistic express of light.

The community design adopts light champagne gold aluminum plate, coffee aluminum plate and light gray aluminum plate, matched with dark glass and top metal shutters of the same color, emphasizing the ove下·rall unity and improving the quality sense of modern style. At the same time, it makes the matching between different materials appropriate and outlines the modern sense of architectural lines.

The door of the building is made of coffee colored aluminum plate, and the outline of strong lines and the ornament of shutters sublimate the sense of honor of welcoming guests in the near scale. When you enter your home, you will complete the free transformation from public space to private space, increasing the sense of ritual every time when you come back home.

In terms of interior design, the units face south with a broad width. Standing at the balcony of a living room at the corner of the building, the residents embrace a 270-degree landscape. The suite design considers both the quality and privacy of your life. The spacious mobility space creates a life scene of emotional interaction for the family. You can see the outdoor landscape through the balcony and bay window, and the indoor and outdoor environment are integrated to provide the luxury feeling.

Park style community provides you with more comfortable space

With its park style community center square, combined with diversified, rich and closely connected activity space design, Pingliang Shangfu Jingyuan provides residents with wide space and brings enjoyments to residents.

The theme courtyard is built in the community to increase the pleasure of living here. Free communication space promotes neighborhood communication. The smooth and closed fitness loop trail meets the needs for healthy life. Combined colors of leaves, flowers and fruit plants create a unique seasonal landscape. The dwellers are allowed to build a little garden, which conforms to the initial desire of human beings to get close to nature.

About Shanghai JUND Architects Co., Ltd.

Widely stretch/Deeply cultivation

JUND Architects entered Chinese market in 1997and was formally incorporated in Shanghai in 2005. The companyofficially renamed as Shanghai JUND Architects Co., Ltd. in 2017 (hereinafter shortened as JUND). Headquartered in Shanghai, JUND leavesits footprints across China (so far, it has established branches in Beijing,Shenzhen, Chongqing, Hefei, Hangzhou and Chengdu), and the projects JUND has served can befound in all major provinces and cities in China.


All-round player/Award winner

Since its inception, JUND has become an experienceddesign think tank and strategic partner for demanding projects in the fields ofresidential communities, tourism communities, industrialized culture andeducation, and destination complexes. Our team of registered architects fromAsia, Europe, Australia and North America, with global vision and technicalexpertise in various fields, has a deep understanding of local culture andmarket trends, and has been creating classic projects and setting benchmarksfor the industry. With these successful projects, JUND has won Gold Nugget,WAF, AIA, MIPIM ASIA and other prestigious design awards in the industry.


Four backbones/Multidimensional integration

As a leading brand in China’s design field, JUNDupholds the concept of “design for the people”, and actively exploresthe barriers of the industry while conceptually building the concept of preposedoperation to guide our design services: we carry out the front-end R&Dplanning first to optimize the complex services integrating four major fields-planning,architecture, interior and landscape; then feed reversely with back-endoperation data. With multi-disciplinary collaboration and deep integration, weestablish a system of consulting services matrix centering “design”to extend the stickiness with “people”. We offer a full stack ofintegrated services from planning, positioning to design and implementation,and up to the operation. Our efficient and high-quality comprehensive solutionsfully satisfy the needs of the entire industry and help our strategic partnersachieve innovation and sustainable development.

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