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Inside and outside design | dream lang hair, the future of the fingertips art

MENGLANG Menglang is a high-quality, high-quality beautiful hair white gold store, breaking through the inherent cognition of traditional hairdressing space, enriching the experience of customers on the spiritual level, and telling the spiritual power of the bustling Tiexi Vientiane Hui.


Drive beyond tradition

Driven by the original forces of survival and continuity,

People have infinite novelty and yearning for the future,

A new form of space integrating fashion, art and culture is produced.

At the beginning,

The sight was suddenly opened,

In the walking streamline,

From the reality to the future.

Arc elements dissolve the boundaries of the plane,

Let the space combine the new clues,

Conup the continuous separation between the regions,

The function of reality is combined with the unknown imagination,

The path then stretches out.


Is the starting point of everything

The glass-brick wall is the visual center,

The light radiates from the inside out,

Extreme visual tension,

The texture is full.

The designer keeps all the materials and colors in the space consistent,

Form a collision with the space light source,

Make the space and the space dialogue.

A touch of green adds a touch of freshness and nature to the space,

Thus open free dialogue and endless imagination,

Explore this,

The interaction between the people and the space is even deeper.

The curved glass wall is designed like a bullet body

Take people through time and space,

Step into another wonderful place of space and time.


It is the pursuit of the unknown

In the futuristic universe,

Also unreal and real experience sense,

Reality can be touched,

The future is unreal.

Independent vip space is infused with “soul” like vivid,

From the overall shape to the details of the processing

Moifies futurism,

People in it,

The suspension of space travel,


A large number of mirror-reflection designs,

Enhance the fun of the space,

Upgrade of the visual transition to holistic perception,

Relying on the space reflects people’s thinking and longing for life.

Oliptical mirror reflection ring,

Like the as ies galcosmic ies,

Light and shadow magic repeats itself,

Rich levels,

Between virtual and real,

How should people understand “what they see”?

Just like the future,

It becomes increasingly clear and unknown.


Full of expectations

Designers use the air conditioning vents to do the design,

Lines like the trajectory of the universe follow their own laws,

Explore the more ideal lines of life boundaries.

Zero degree of skin feeling material,

Give people the most authentic, comfortable feeling,

Bring a new spirituality to the space,

It is a comprehensive sublimation of vision to touch and perception.

Fully open hairdressing area,

A neat arrangement of seats,

Form a regular sequence,

Under the field, oriented towards the future,

Bring a different and perfect experience.

Kant said that “man is the end, not the means.”

Each functional area is carefully designed,

Update the iteration around the ” people,


Will expectations for the future.


Project name: Menglang

Project address: Tiexi Wanxiang, Shenyang, Liaoning Province

Main case designer: Wang Yong

Design agency: interior and exterior building space

Design project area: 280 ㎡

Design time: 2022

Photography team: Liang ko

Copywriting: Huo Lili


About WITHINBEYOND Architectural Space Design

“Inside and Outside Architectural Space Design”, formerly known as Shenyang Yongchuang Space Design Co., Ltd., was founded in 2017 by Mr.Wang Yong, a well-known designer in the industry. Inside and outside architectural space design has a top design elite and gold construction team, focusing on creating high-quality commercial space and living life.

The whole case implementation system of design, soft installation and hard installation, complete construction management and customized service, integrate the relationship between space and commerce, design and culture and art, redefine the space, enhance the aesthetics and value of space, and improve the living and taste.

The project works are highly recognized. It has maintained long-term friendly cooperative relations with China’s first-line real estate development enterprises such as Qingdao Construction, Country Garden Holdings, Shimao Real Estate, Vanke Real Estate, as well as well-known enterprises such as catering groups, beauty institutions, medical institutions and educational institutions, and is known as the “catalytic division of space value enhancement”.


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