American International Innovative Design Award 2024

Nanjing Eagle science and Technology Museum

Nanjing Eagle Science and Technology Museum is based on “Art, Technology, Interaction and Experience”, linking business, society, city, and people, with the curatorial theme of “Source-Coexistence”, from insight into the issues of the times to thinking about environmental management strategies. A discussion and imagination of future cities and future life are upcoming. Here, we use several innovative artistic techniques such as immersive cinema, mobile installations, mirrors of the future, and a revolving stage to create an imagination of the future of technology and life.

The future is the convergence of cutting-edge technology, the future is the sharing of fresh life, and the future must be what you and I are looking forward to! Come with us and be a part of the future.

【The “Eagle and the Sea” technology art installation】

The whole system uses more than 500 motors and 182 sets of triangular prisms, which gradually form the visual effect of a soaring “eagle” as the music rises and falls and swings. The story of the “eagle” and “future” is presented through a combination of programming and musical ambiance. An eagle spreads its wings high over the mountains and seas, breaking the boundaries of civilization, breaking the barriers of technology, and flying towards a new and better world ahead.

【The “Flowing Temperature” Art Installation】

The “Flowing Temperature” art installation which is a technological artwork compiled from ‘data’, was programmed with data on the building’s footfall, electricity, wind, and weather, and combined with 24 mechanical sliding screens to create a dynamic and colorful painting.

We use a dynamic combination to interpret three different functionals:

The first one is Welcome Mode which presents the Golden Eagle 30th anniversary logo in a regular combination form.

Artistic mode: capture the weather, air quality, traffic flow, and other information data feedback art screen

Propaganda mode: Play the corporate impression film in a rectangular rule combination.

【Immersion Theatre】

From a blank space 10,000 years ago to a sky full of stars today, mankind has never stopped pursuing technology.

The first stop on the way into the exhibition hall is an immersive theatre with full projection coverage, taking the changes in the global environment and the evolution of human civilization as the main proposition. From the age of steam, and the age of electricity to the current fast-developing information age, while human civilization has made leaps and bounds, the problems of the global environment cannot be ignored as well. The space uses virtual images, film and television special effects, environmental special effects, and other high-tech means to create a naked eye 3D effect, creating an all-round, immersive viewing experience for the audience, highlighting the leapfrogging progress of technology on human society, while drawing on the social context of low-carbon, energy-saving, and emission reduction and the development trend of technology-led life.

The progress of human society is inseparable from the development of technology, so in this new era, how can we use technology wisely to solve the current environmental and social problems and create a better and more harmonious life in the future?

【”Mirror of the Future” art installation】

The second stop in the exhibition hall, the Hall of Common Origin, continues the design principle of technology + art, with a DNA spiral structure interactive art installation in the center, superimposed on a transparent screen and AR special effects film, together interpreting the social evolution of the environment in two different states of imbalance and balance, the voice from the future will tell a story about how the future of human society and the natural environment symbiosis and common origin.

In an era of rapid development of green new energy, artificial intelligence, and other technologies, Golden Eagle is uniting more technology enterprises and institutions with an open strategy to jointly conduct in-depth exploration of energy conservation and emission reduction ……

The third stop of the exhibition hall – Chuangyuan – is like an open and inclusive technology laboratory, with cutting-edge technology and interactive experiences to demonstrate the social responsibility of many enterprises to actively fulfill low-carbon and environmental protection and the application of forward-looking technology; the space adopts several interactive forms such as radar induction, transparent screen + physical model, sliding screen and recognition table, allowing visitors to follow Visitors can follow the footsteps of Golden Eagle and explore the possibilities of technological development and environmental improvement.

【Revolving Stage Theatre】

After learning about the technology and products of several technology companies, we will take a ride on a 180° rotating “revolving stage” for a 15-minute theatre of dreams! For the design of this space, we have broken the traditional way of display and boldly innovated by using technologies such as a 180° rotating stage, moving screen, virtual host, light plastic, and mapping projection to tell how technology will bring us a smarter, more efficient, more energy-saving and healthier future life.

【Revolving Stage Theatre】

A large immersive video theatre composed of 3Dmapping projections, the rotating stage shows the effect of time and space extension, forming an infinite spatial field, the audience is on the moving rotating stands, moving slowly and synchronously with the film and television images, in a special way to lead visitors to travel to the future, to feel all this happening, the new energy technology and natural symbiosis bring us great changes so that life can be extended infinitely, you will believe that this is not a fantasy, this is the real future.

【Interactive projection wall】

“Source of the beginning” and “Origins” are in the same space, signifying the cycle of technology in progress, from the past technology applications to the new era of cutting-edge technology, through the long river of time, open source will also be precipitated into the source, where we use the interactive projection wall to show the emerging green city after the technology is put into practice. Here we can place our hands on top of Golden Eagle buildings and trigger pop-up windows via radar sense to learn about the green and low-carbon design highlights of each Golden Eagle representative project.

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