American International Innovative Design Award 2024

Nijiang barbecue

A long guard in front of the door of the small greedy cat, from time to time licking their small PAWS. Look at the glow of the sky. Looks like he’s expecting something delicious from his host. The stars twinkling in the sky heralded the arrival of dinner. The fire beside the fire reflected the warmth and comfort, “uncle” put a plate of wagyu cattle, the little cats could not wait to put it on the charcoal fire to roast. Push the glass for a glass, toast, fresh and cattle with wine, God is no more. The case is called Nijian barbecue, which is a Chinese homonym for the Japanese word “uncle”, and the main product is charcoal fire. I extended the story of the uncle and the cat to the whole space. There are many art installations similar to the cat playing in the store, which gives the guests an active sense of art, and everywhere is familiar and warm.

About Hongjun Zhang

National Registered Interior Designer (Senior)

Interior design since 2008

Has served more than 100 catering brands and more than 1000 restaurants


Representative work: Asakusa Pavilion Cut and Cooked

Yue Zhe Restaurant

Wen ten bamboo new school Sichuan cuisine

Xiangmei fishing village

There’s a shrimp shop

He Fu Restaurant

Your mountain house

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