American International Innovative Design Award 2024

Shenzhen Huafa Snow Tourism World

Located at the center of Qianhai Bay, Shenzhen, Huafa Greater Bay, Shenzhen Huafa Snow Tourism World is designed to create an Ice and Snow Center with an approximate total GFA of 100,000 sqm, which includes the world’s largest indoor ice and snow ski resort with the approximate total GFA of 80,000 sqm, and also equips with all the qualified sports amenities for the international ski sports events hosted by International Ski Federation. No matter international and national standards, the project has not only been renowned 6 numbers of the best as below mentioned but it will be surely regarded as a new symbol of international indoor skiing.

Based on the summary of the design and development of ski resorts over the years, this project has comprehensively improved the indoor ski resort:
1. The largest global scale in the world with an area of 80,000sqm;
2. The greatest vertical level difference of the slideway of 83m high in the world;
3. The longest slide with a length of 441m in China;
4. The longest slide with a linear length of 401m in China;
5. The cableway configuration is the first ranking in the world: a towed cableway + a fixed cableway;
6. The world’s largest loading capacity of carriage for the ski trails: Included 5 single and double magic carpets and 2 ropeways are set up to ensure that the queuing time of users in each waiting zone does not exceed 5 minutes.

Furthermore, the design of the project meets the competition requirements of international ski sports events. Through the special node structure design, it meets the requirements of flexible operation and thermal preservation during competitions, which is the first application in the world. The design of the ski trails has extracted the characteristics of the outdoor natural ski trails. The project provides various types of ski trails with flexible transitions between the ski trails. The primary trails are designed relatively to connect the intermediate and advanced trails, which provides the skiers with the closer experience of the outdoor ski resort. Besides, the project does not only aim at professional ski lovers but also designs an entertainment snow area of 4,000 sqm for family leisure. As a result, the project is created to facilitates all-age users.

The outstanding architectural design of the project is inspired by a streamlined blue whale leaping from the deep sea, which symbolizes the positive urban spirit of Shenzhen. The project will be benchmarked against Shanghai Disneyland and Beijing Universal Studios, which assists the center of Western China (Qianhai Bay, Shenzhen) to become a trendy destination for culture, sports, retail, and travel in the future.

About Zhuhai Huafa Properties Co.,Ltd

Zhuhai Huafa Properties Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Huafa Properties) is a platform company undertaking the real estate development sector of Huafa Group. It was established in 1992 and has national first-class real estate development qualifications. It was successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in Since 2012, Huafa has fully implemented the development strategy of “Based at Zhuhai, evolved throughout the country, and explored overseas”. In recent years, it has successfully deployed nearly 50 important cities of the Mainland, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, which formed a national strategic layout covering Zhuhai, South China, East China, North China and Beijing. Huafa has created more than 170 Boutique Habitat, serving more than 600,000 owners, and actively exploring Hong Kong, Macao and overseas markets, which has realized a magnificent turn from Zhuhai Huafa to China Huafa.

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