American International Innovative Design Award 2024

Sheshan OKURA Hotel

The Sheshan Okura Hotel is built on the only mountain in Shanghai with pleasant scenery. It is a comprehensive five-star hotel focusing on vacation and leisure. We hope to use “the best luxury in the world -1, pure negative oxygen ion air; 2. Anti-cancer high-tech water purification system rich in selenium; 3. The most nutritious soil in nature; 4, natural and comfortable flowers and trees; 5, warm fireplace fire; 6, all kinds of fashion and rich change of metal modeling “and other kinds of China’s oldest and classic” fire and water civil gold elements of the five elements “integration of modern minimalist design techniques, any hard and soft design elements are reflected in this theme, giving guests the best check-in experience and visual enjoyment. Even the fluorescent ceiling on the second floor and the minimalist design of the guest rooms show our ingenuity.

About Xiaoling Zhu

I am a PhD candidate at the University of South Carolina in USA,

Since 2013, I have established the ZenSpace Internationale Design brand, which has won many awards in China and abroad.

In 2021, I won the French GPDP International Design Award -TOP100 Most internationally influential Innovative Designer Award.

2020-2021 International Environmental Art Innovative Design Award “Hotel Gold Award”

2021 China Pan-Furniture Boao Forum “Outstanding Soft Clothing Designer”

2021 China Pan-Furniture Boao Forum “Outstanding Unit in Soft Decoration Industry”

Top 10 Design Agencies in East China in 2019

In 2018, I became the “Urban Partner” of China Elite Designers International Club.

2017~2018 International Environment Art Innovative design works Competition “Huading Award” villa luxury space category gold medal

2017-2018 “Huading Award” Outstanding Young Interior Designer of China

2017~2018 Annual China Architecture and Interior network “Insight and Action” TOP100 “Top 100 Designers”

2016~2017 “Top Ten Gold Medal Designers” of China Design Influence

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