American International Innovative Design Award 2024

Suzhou Dahua Chun He Jing Ming

The project base is located in Suzhou High-tech Zone, close to the intersection of Transportation Rail Line 1, Zhuyuan Road North and Changjiang Road East, close to scenic areas, commercial areas, many schools, and rich cultural landscape resources.

As the pioneering work of Dahua Group in Suzhou, how to establish Dahua’s brand recognition in Suzhou when there are a large number of competing real estate in the region; Increase product premiums under price limit conditions; Optimize and solve the planning conditions layout requirements of high south and low north; Sort out the complex traffic flow lines of the planned roads on the north side of the plot; Meeting the government’s demands for a public image along the street is a challenge for my project.

Starting from the overall planning space structure of two axes, four groups and multiple nodes, the delicate and delicate façade elements of modern and gentle façade elements, and the strategy of landscape courtyards with different scenery and rich layers, the project is based on the social, economic, humanistic and natural environment characteristics of Suzhou, respects the ecological, leisure and cultural development trend of human living environment, and creates an ecological modern high-end residential building environment under the criteria of respecting nature and people-oriented.

The main shape of the building is based on the recognizability of the residence and the sense of identity of the public, adopts modern style, simple shape relationship, and the portrayal of Soviet-style details is enhanced on the basis of modern treatment techniques, increasing the cultural charm and sense of value of the building.

High-rise, bungalow, superposition, product strategy: reduce the total price by controlling the area segment, maximize the area width resources, excavate the bungalow and stack the premium price, terrace gift, multi-level private courtyard, and maximize the introversion and multiple experience of the place, to the increase of the value of the house.

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