American International Innovative Design Award 2024


THE LOB – LOBSTER | client: Harald Grössing

Discrete landmarks in the contemporary living space!

These sculptures of furniture, with all their corners and edges, were developed for straight-lined individualists who appreciate the striking as well as the simple. No time for lazy compromises! Nestled in a precisely crafted wooden shell one is free to enjoy the softness and the smell of rich leather. Retreating back into one’s own and familiar world, you escape the noise of everyday life and allow yourself precious time for leisure. Relax on your own, or engage in lively conversation in a group of two or more. Now – is this luxurious comfort? With no doubt.

You can embark on a journey “back to the future”, travel to the sophisticated places of James Bond’s world, or imagine yourself in a mansion designed by John Lautner, up in the hills of Hollywood.

Be it in private, in fashionable clubs or international lounges, this furniture proves its versatility!

About Christian Kroepfl

Born in Western Austria I currently practice as an Architect and Designer in Vienna and Lustenau, where I develop and design high-quality design furniture.

In my design work the questions about functionality and quality as well as the use of natural and sustainable materials are in the centre of the development process. It’s all about the clarity of design and the deliberate restraint to the essential which averts superficial attention: modest, sophisticated and sometimes calm in nature, these pieces of furniture make a point that great design does not tolerate hierarchies or compromise in the interaction of form and function. Sometimes just the simple idea of a truss, and its expression through elegant design is the distinguishing feature of one of these jewels for your home or office.

Modern design, in particular combinations of steel and solid wood, resolves into timeless and aesthetic furniture that beautifies our everyday life.

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