American International Innovative Design Award 2024


1. Economie
The seats are made of environmentally degradable materials. The shell is made of non-toxic and odorless polypropylene, which is also the leading material of auto parts. It is not easy to deform and has good impact resistance, so it is very suitable for the protective shell of the safety seat. At the same time, we use the injection molding process for the shell to make it fine in texture and stronger in compression resistance seat is filled with foamed polypropylene, a recyclable, odorless, non-toxic, degradable material that is truly environmentally friendly foam. The material also has excellent seismic energy absorption performance and is used as the best choice of the safety seat material. We also use environment-friendly and breathable fabric as the cloth cover for the seat. It is soft and skin-friendly, suitable for baby’s delicate skin, but also has good air permeability, to ensure that baby is not easy to suffocate prickly heat.

2. Emotion
The Sonic Signal pro-child safety seat is designed to provide a comfortable travel environment for babies and a peace of mood for parents. Not only the bionic design of the structure but also the function of the seat further upgrades the humanized experience of riding. The 360-degree rotation function makes it more convenient for the baby to get on and off the car and for parents to interact with the baby in the car. The multi-stage adjustment function of the headrest can adapt to the height of children at different stages of growth. The seat can accompany children from 0 to 12 years old, which is also the longest age when children need to use the safety seat. The five-point safety buckle is the way to fix the baby on the seat. When braking, it can disperse the force well and prevent the baby from flying off the seat, but it will not hurt the baby. When the buckle is opened, it will automatically make an alarm sound to remind parents that this is an unsafe state. Only after the buckle is fully buckled, the alarm sound will be lifted.

The appearance of the product is mainly composed of a cockpit and a base. The cockpit is in the shape of a “C”, which is an ergonomic design imitating the womb. This structure has good wrapping properties, which can make the baby feel like being in the strong arms of the father and the gentle arms of the mother. Even on bumpy roads, the baby can sit comfortably and sleep soundly. At the same time, the “C”-shaped structure is the most suitable curve for the baby’s cervical spine, which is conducive to the good growth of the baby’s spine. The baby’s head is in a “U”-shaped structure, which ensures that 2/3 of the baby’s head area is in a wrapped state. And from outside to inside a total of 5 layers of different material compositions, both hard and soft, maximum protection for the baby’s most fragile head and neck. There is a side protection system on the side of the cockpit, so there is also 4-fold protection on the back of the seat to mitigate the impact of external forces. The support leg of the seat is foldable and hidden. When the baby grows up, the support leg can be folded to the bottom of the base for storage, so that it will not block the child’s feet, nor will it affect the ride, and the seat will save more space. This seat cover pattern is co-designed with Xiao Ha Duck IP. The design of the green spacecraft and the green planet as the main elements of the space background, small duck as the protagonist, I hope that through this picture, people can along with the lovely duckling in the fantasy universe swim, give the heart a chance to relax.

About Fuzhou Yingfu Baby Co., Ltd.

Fuzhou Yingfu Baby Co., Ltd. was established in 2014 and has been committed to the research of safety seats and baby strollers since its establishment. The company’s product positioning is 0-12 years old baby safe travel supplies, to give the baby a safe and comfortable travel environment. The company is also committed to creating childlike seats and has in-depth cooperation with well-known IPs such as Little Yellow Duck, Kumamon, and Doraemon, which have been loved by consumers.

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