American International Innovative Design Award 2024

“Yun Mu Hui”display room

The core design concept of this case is to blur the functional boundaries of the space, to soften the characterization of the interior style, to connect people and their lifestyles, and to lay out a relatively relaxing and free home without boundaries with realistic and feasible methods in the social boundaries constructed with stereotypical rules.

The modern city life aspires to be more spontaneous and natural, in line with the hustle-and-bustle lifestyle. The 8-metre layout of the living-dining room is extremely popular in today’s life. Whether you invite your friends and family to enjoy a meal in the dining room, or lie on the sofa to enjoy a film while enjoying a dessert, it is an excellent experience to communicate and interact with each other. The windows have an open view, and the neighbourhood is a pleasant place to stay in; the interior soft furnishings are relaxing and casual, with simple urban lines complemented by the casual layout of the L-shaped sofas.

Family interaction and companionship are especially valuable in today’s fast-paced life. The open layout of the study is adjacent to the living room, with a doorway that allows the overall space to be divided or connected, blurring the boundaries. While meeting needs of family members to read or enjoy personal hobbies, or occasionally work in the study, it is also possible for them to chat and communicate with their be-loved ones in the living room, showing more flavour and humanistic care.

Whether it is a coffee table or a side cabinet for soft furnishings, both are centred around the owner’s personal preferences and tone of space, demonstrated in a few details, all described in the limited space, triggering infinite good memories with close family members.

The bedroom is the most comfortable and quiet private space. In the style of urban modern, the soft and comfortable bedding provides a place, with the owner listening to a blues jazz, deep into the gentle dream, weaving the most gorgeous beautiful dream. When you wake up, pacing on the balcony, lying on the bar stool to absorb the freshest morning breath, enjoying the nature and tranquility rare to the city . Look back, find the most beloved one’s smile, perhaps this is the  happiest and most beautiful realm in the world.

The layout of the elderly room is not conventional, with the back of the bed as a weak partition, dividing sleeping space and cloak space. Facing the bright floor-to-ceiling glass, the atmosphere of the room is more relaxed due to the flavour of clear sky. The desk behind the backboard of the bed also can be used as a dressing table. Working on the desk, accompanied by two family members in the shared space, the owner enjoys more family love with the bedroom layout.

Children’s personalities can be different .The children’s bedroom in this case combines cool black with warm orange and yellow as the main theme, not sticking to the conventional bedside table layout, in the bedside standing the chandelier exquisite lamp and the playful accessories in the compartment, all showing a personality of funky mixed with cuteness, just a naive image of a child.

Seemingly following the rules and conforming to common sense, but in fact, everywhere embodies the carefulness of the designer and a higher dimension of understanding and expression of life, down-to-earth within the boundaries, while inspiring and thought-provoking beyond. The pursuit of boundaryless on the boundaries demonstrates the philosophy of life.

About Wen Zhen

Graduated  at China Academy of Art, founder of Zhendi Space Design, lecturer of Taobao University and Greentown Group, member of Chi Wing Lo Design Workshop. Serve by high-grade private residence, estate project, hotel design and interior decoration. Awarded by the best design of interior furnishings in China interior design billboard, the excellent hotel space Design in Jintang Prize, the new power of interior design award China, the best clubhouse design in Idea-Tops, the pioneer award in Japan international design.

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