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1st Concept Store of Lamborghini Slate (China)

1st Concept Store of Lamborghini Slate (China)

As a top brand Lamborghini Slate has just entered China, only has a flagship store in Beijing, and there are a few showrooms across the country. I refused to take over this project at first because the area of ​​this project is only 50 square meters of a luxury brand and it is beyond my acceptable size of projects. However, after my knowledge of the client, the brand, and the project site, I decided to take this project.


Three contradictions need to be resolved in terms of the spatial attributes and commercial functions:

1, this space is a rectangular space of 9 meters by 6 meters. The south and east are the passages of the shopping mall, and the south is the main passage for attracting tourists. The north direction leads to another slate brand represented by the client. The unique location determines that it should not only have the function of a display to attract customers but also have the function of meeting customers for business negotiation.

2, the rigid space that is too square contradicts the brand tonality of the high-end personality of the Lamborghini.

3, the experience mode of the concept store contradicts the display mode of the traditional store. To solve these contradictions, first of all, we set up the main entrance on the south wall. Since the space is cramped, we don’t need to make partitions. The large entrance allows customers to have a sweeping ocean view of the whole store during their visit. In this case, the store needs to be eye-catching enough to attract visitors. Therefore, the display function of the space is maximized, at the same time, there settled a translucent roller shutter at the entrance that can be raised and lowered electrically. In this way, the space is relatively independent. On one hand, it will become a better space for business, on the other hand, tore could be displayed to the outside world.

Focusing on the east wall by these three points:

  1. The unique wedge-shaped element of the Lamborghini highlights the brand characteristics
  2. The color change of the light strip through the gaps between the triangles and the dynamic shape of the entire wall is reminiscent of the scene of Transformers, which creates a wave of memory killing and resonates with the guests.
  3. The visual effect of the space is increased by the contrast between the textured slate of the racing seat and the stainless steel material. At the same time, the overall shape naturally hides the structural columns in the original space, which increases the sense of scale and spatial integrity. Set up a product element exhibition area on the north and west walls. On the one hand, it resolves contradictions in functional and spatial attributes. On the other hand, in terms of business, it hopes to create contradictions and increase the sense of topic through the contrast of visual effects and the impact of materials. After all, a good business needs some hit topic to remember.

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