American International Innovative Design Award 2024

50 ㎡ duplex apartment, out is prosperous, into is quiet

50 ㎡ duplex apartment, out is prosperous, into is quiet

White, known as the color that “can’t get out of the color wheel”
Eastern and Western cultures
Whether it’s painting, fashion or architecture
White has always been the closest to art itself
Pure as jade, beautiful as the moon
white in space
Poetic, elegant

The classic design sense of the brand sets off the low-key and luxurious Italian style. The off-white sofa, the curtains matched with warm yellow and textured gray all exude a warm and elegant style. The furniture of different materials collide and echo with the space, and the color and texture Birth space temperament.

Between the square inch, the sky and the earth, the light and shadow create a wonderful world. The pure background color depicts the elegant environment, wandering in the space, interpreting the calm and comfortable daily scene. Walking in the meantime, is the temperature of home, but also the authenticity and Tao Ran of life.

The very poetic paintings on the wall, the sea and the sky are the same color, bear the weight of the heaven and the earth, are the natural ease and the yearning of the soul, giving people visual enjoyment and spiritual pleasure in the space.

The light poured in through the white gauze, leaving a little warmth and softness on the delicate leather surface of the sofa, the smooth marble coffee table and the soft fabric carpet, revealing their respective textures and colors. The stable wooden brown tone and the elegant gray tone of the space are not exaggerated and dazzling, but low-key and delicate to express the pursuit of the quality of life.

The large and high floor-to-ceiling windows provide a panoramic view of the outdoor scenery, and the inner reflection is full of clarity.

Overlooking the space, light and shadow are intertwined, white paper is splashed with ink, three or two strokes are smudged, the carpet is as clear as a wave, interspersed between the virtual and the real, and the incomparable, turning the virtual into the real, showing the beauty of the charm.

White runs through the space, is solemn and elegant, and the marble texture with vast smoke and waves is natural and pure, bringing a more diversified expression to the space and releasing a unique aura, showing a gentleman-like elegance and style.

The bedroom is a private space for complete relaxation after a day of running around. After fading away the fatigue, slam into the lazy and comfortable quilt to relax the whole body and mind. Black lines outline the boundaries of the bedroom, allowing the space to settle. Large floor-to-ceiling windows await the arrival of light, making the space bright, natural and comfortable.

Inject the power of the source into life, aiming to create a high-quality life. The light navy blue and white in the bedroom drive away emotional stress, like the waves of the ocean, like the moonlight, and heal the body and mind.

The design of the walk-in cloakroom improves the storage capacity. On one side of the dressing table is a semi-open wardrobe. Mystery is the stage for the hostess to become beautiful.

In the busy work and life, the study is a space that can make people meditate and reflect the taste of life. From the layout to the display, from the color to the material, it can give people a feeling of elegance and calmness.


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