American International Innovative Design Award 2024


ATLAS is a revolutionary fresh grocery delivery system for city dwellers that incorporates a fully electric delivery vehicle, a quick set-up warehouse, and a specialized UI interface. The advanced delivery vehicle is a fully electrified scooter equipped with a refrigerated unit, an innovative interface, and 12 storage pods. We must transport and sell affordable, high-quality grows from suburban areas to the city and help suburban citizens get high-paid jobs. It’s a sustainable way for both city and suburban people to benefit each other and a bridge for communication.

About Drake Dong

I’m Drake Dong. As a Product Designer, I am passionate about the power of expression and the freedom I find in balancing the logical, objective, and creative. I learn, conceptualize and find possibilities.

My design concepts are based on interpreting the direction of society’s progress and technology development. “Perfect is the enemy of the good” —— There might never be a perfect design, but achieving a better self is my lifetime goal.

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