American International Innovative Design Award 2024

National Tea Master Wang Chuanyi’s White Tea Savoring Hall

This project of tea savoring hall is located in Fuding City, Fujian Province, known as the “Hometown of white tea in China”. Taking inspiration from the museum exhibition hall, the designers made full use of modern elements, including different spaces, layouts and colors, as well as the digital multimedia with optimal acousto-optic effect, successfully breaking the classical artistic conception of traditional tea space and building a display and experience space with the natural integration of contemporary tea culture and an Oriental cultural tone that features light luxury.
On the first floor, various functional areas are connected by dynamic linear structures, forming the layout of a display space that gives customers an immersive experience as if visiting a museum. The entrance hall are set with facade walls to form the lines that extend inward, which make the space more open and transparent as well as guiding consumers’ moving lines. On the right side is a corridor connecting the private functional area and serving as a separation from the main body of the exhibition hall. The exhibition hall adopts a centered layout, where the service and experience area is located in the center as a visual focus, and the brand culture is displayed in a linear layout along the wall, capitalizing on texts, patterns and products. The overall layout provides consumers with clear and orderly moving lines, facilitating and smoothing the process from cultural cognition to participation.
The second floor is dominated by private tea rooms and tea party areas. Through the full use of curved partition, translucent materials and the digital multimedia with optimal acousto-optic effect, dynamic and static scenes harmoniously fuse together in the space. The design concept of the tea party area is derived from the scene of the ancients sitting around the fireside to chat at night, and the VIP tea room is designed with the layout of a wine and cigar bar for the first time. Meanwhile, the digital multimedia with optimal acousto-optic effect is utilized to create corresponding images as the background conforming to different scenarios, which are further supported by a holographic laser projection and a dry ice system, endowing the space with multiple interaction and imagination. In this way, consumers can enjoy a strong visual impact, optimal interaction and experience.
In order to highlight the diversity and innovation of the brand, the project design abandons the plainness and simplicity of the traditional tea space. The whole space takes black and gold as the main tone to bring out a sedate feeling, where the black represents tea trees and the gold stands for the sunshine and tea soup, subtly revealing the mysterious Oriental charm and primitive humanistic tone. Besides, the metal grilles transformed from the brand logo frequently appear in many scenarios, functioning as visual facilitation to impress the brand on consumers.

About Song Junyang

CEO of Beijing Fivan International Art Design, brand founder & Design Director of Fuding Fanchaji Cultural and creative Agency, former director of design Institute of State-owned Enterprise Group, secretary-general of China Business Think tank, well-known planner/documentary art director/art curator/public welfare person.

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