American International Innovative Design Award 2024

Canyon secret

Design concept: This is a leisure catering store integrating eating/drinking/leisure/coffee. I hope my design can enable our consumers to appreciate the beauty of the canyon and explore the wonders of the cliff cave. The small vermilion Canyon entrance has increased the mysterious attraction and triggered multiple wonderful feelings, making the visitors seem to be in the abyss Canyon and foreshadowing the atmosphere for the mystery of the internal space in advance. The lighting gives the geometric outline, the mountain stack is more prominent, and the use of different transformations of space strengthens the interest in space and space art.
The outdoor rooftop scene is presented in different camping areas. The vast sand and stone ground have a lot of desolation, mystery, and exotic and natural beauty in the northwest. Therefore, I hope different consumers can have different camping experiences here. Drinking coffee can keep their body and mind away from the fickleness and noise in the city and feel the magic and beauty of different nature.
The bold and enterprising square geometry, color, light and shadow, mountain structure, and consumption scenes will undoubtedly quickly attract the trend leading groups in the city. More importantly, the strong bold modeling concave-convex vision creates a unique brand gene, so that every consumer can remember you at a glance.

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