American International Innovative Design Award 2024

Forte Financial Island A3 Office Headquarters Building

The overall design of Forte Financial Island A3 Office Headquarters Building considers the function and the development of the group, through the reconstruction of space, the conference room and the event floor are placed as the conversion and connection floors between the direct enterprise and the group headquarters, taking into account the flexible use of the two. The atrium staircase on the floor of the group department makes the interior more open, strengthens the integration of internal space, and encourages employees to work green and energy-saving.

At the same time, the image elements of the group and the theme color of the river and sea run through the entire space. The standard office floor is divided into four working modes: focus, learning, teamwork, and social interaction, and different space modules are arranged according to the lighting conditions of the space, creating a space conducive to enterprise innovation and communication and improving work efficiency. The office layer adopts standardized methods and a unified image, effectively improving construction efficiency and quality.

About Shenzhen grandland construction decoration design institute

Shenzhen grandland construction decoration design institute
Shenzhen Grandland Building Decoration Design Institute is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Grandland Group (stock code: 002482). Obtained grade a qualification of architectural decoration engineering design.Currently, it has more than 2,000 designers and is composed of international creative design center, domestic experts from various design fields, senior consultant team, eight comprehensive branches, rail transit branch, curtain wall branch, electromechanical institute and acousto optic lighting institute.It ranks the top three among the top 50 architectural decoration design institutions. Its business scope covers building planning and design, electromechanical design, curtain wall design, garden design, interior decoration design, lighting design, intelligent design and soft decoration design. Grandland can provide customers with integrated services. In recent years, it has successively won the bids for many large-scale landmark design projects such as Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (the largest exhibition center in the world), Hong Kong ATV Office Building, Alibaba Beijing Wangjing Headquarters Office Building, JD Group Beijing Headquarters, Prince Hotel Sihanoukville, Baoneng First Space, S.F. Chuangzhi Tiandi Building, Huangshan Beihai Hotel, Novotel Xi’an SCPG Hotel, Beijing Metro New Airport Line, Guangxi Qianhai Life Insurance Hospital and Shenzhen Qianhai Trading Plaza.

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