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Integrated Design of Station Space of Qingdao Metro Line 1

Qingdao Metro Line 1 is the longest line in the planning of Qingdao Metro, connecting Chengyang District, the old city and the West Coast New District. It is a rare ultra-long line in China.

As the main artery of a city’s public transportation, while efficiently fulfilling the mission of transportation functions, it is also a common living room for citizens, a platform to display the spirit of the city and Qingdao’s cultural temperament, and an important symbol of the civilization process of a modern city.

In the design work of Line 1, the design and creative team Newsdays highly coordinated the station interior space design, public art, orientation signs, service facilities, commercial advertisements, pipeline integration and other majors, and described the impression of Qingdao from modern literati and writers. Inspired by literary works, it studied the characteristics of Line 1 connecting Qingdao’s century-old urbanization and industrialization development, and successfully implemented the guiding concept of “integrated design of subway station space” for the first time in China, which greatly improved the subway space and operation services quality.

In the design process, it advocates to strengthen the overall color impression of Line 1, integrate and reshape many design elements of the space, boldly use colorful colors, poetic expressions and abstract artistic techniques to integrate the century-old architectural and industrial development of Qingdao. Elements such as memory, the four seasons of the city, waves, reefs, and flowers are abstracted. Using glazed mosaic, ceramic splicing, metal glaze splicing and other craftsmanship, Acura praises the beautiful Qingdao, sublimates and interprets the theme of the gorgeous Qingdao again, integrates the design of color and space, and elevates it to a higher artistic level, creating a more The relaxed, pleasant, lyrical and romantic artistic station space allows passengers to enjoy public art as the cultural welfare of citizens.

The construction of the unique spatial vocabulary system of Line 1 and the design concept of the modular exclusive system have been strengthened. The key stations and standard stations are clearly defined. From the dense functional facilities and many specialties, a design language system with clear context and mutual protection has been summarized and sorted out. Make it unified in the unique language system of Line 1.
Such as ingenious creation of colorful facade walls, columns, fully open ceilings, artistic lamps, handrails with built-in lights, flat railings, futuristic service centers, modular seats, etc., all through the overall design , color selection and matching, material process comparison, lighting art design, etc. This is a process of artistic interpretation, carrying the humanistic spirit, urban aesthetics and emotions of public art everywhere, forming the distinctive characteristics of Line 1.

Lighting and lighting design have carried out targeted research, and implemented the design concept of “seeing the light but not the light”. Line 1 minimizes the discomfort caused to passengers by the direct light source of the ceiling and the reflected light spot on the ground, so that the LED light is refracted by the customized art lamps and evenly and softly sprinkled on the station space, creating a more integrated, comfortable and romantic light environment.

The design of the guide sign system follows the relevant norms of Qingdao Metro guide signs as the premise, and proposes an artistic sign design that lights up above the station aisle to guide passengers to enter and leave the station quickly and efficiently, and enhance the visual taste of the station. At the same time, new media such as electronic information screens and touch screens have been added to increase the information carrying capacity and facilitate passengers to search for more information.

About Guangzhou Newsdays Interior Design and Construction Co., Ltd.

Newsdays, which was established in Guangzhou in 1992, is a comprehensive design and building construction institution.
In recent 30 years, Newsdays has been developed into an all-in-one industry leader who has integrated with planning design, architectural design, landscape design, interior design, artistic furnishings design, signage oriented design, furniture design and production, engineering construction, project management. Its projects have extended to home and abroad, covering hotel, real estate, business and office, municipal affairs and culture, and large-scaled public art, etc.
Newsdays has always been dedicated to exploring modern design, revering mutual integration among tradition and modernity, East and West, as well as culture and art, and advocating diversity of design in order to provide fully professional design with high quality and construction service for customers.
While working hard in the field of design, Newsdays also actively participates in and promotes design education in China. Over the years, he has undertaken the teaching work of master and undergraduate at the Central Academy of Fine Arts and Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. The combination of production and education has cultivated a large number of outstanding design talents for the society.

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