American International Innovative Design Award 2024


Considering the owner’s living habits and the habit of buying houses over the years, investing in short-term living, I hope everything can be planned most conveniently and efficiently, so I hope to be able to move in most conveniently, so the design axis of this case is a coffee suitcase. The concept of a boutique hotel that can be checked in, allowing the owner to easily enter the house with only luggage

In addition to delineating the appropriate functionality of each space, it can also take into account the expressions that each space wants to express, taking into account the continuity of the original field, and bringing out the taste and uniqueness of the homeowner using a covenant, without extravagance. The building materials are covered, just click to make up the expression of the space, and use the lighting as the final layout

Taste the atmosphere of the space, taste the totality of life, wander freely in the field of life, shake the bright red wine in your hand, sit down… What is reserved for you is the comfort and comfort of life! Look… .. Taste the space carefully and want to bring you a story! Come on, it contains the temperature of the home.

About Wang Di

Founder of Eddie Interior Design (Hong Kong, Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
President of Shenzhen Hengying Construction Group Design Institute
Bachelor of Environmental Art, Luxun Academy of Fine Arts
Master of Architectural Studies, University of Southern California
Director of Shenzhen Interior Designers Association
Professional member of Hong Kong Interior Designers Association
Professional Member of American Interior Design Association
Member of Liaoning Decoration Association
China Registered Senior Interior Designer
Chinese second-class construction engineer

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