American International Innovative Design Award 2024

Longhu villa model room

Longhu villa model room space continues the natural and elegant style, with the concept of natural and environmental protection, making the space more exquisite and full of artistic sense. Select furniture with strong block feeling, apply geometric elements in details, and increase the visual impact of collision between materials in meeting the use of functions, which is the real feeling of quality life. When you enter the space, you will feel elegant and create a more comfortable and warm atmosphere. The fluency of light, shadow and human movement line makes the space elegant without losing the sense of modernity. The perfect integration of scientific and natural elements in the bedroom makes the rhythm fresh and soothing, reveals the understanding of modern life aesthetics, and highlights the sense of space ritual.

About Wang Wenni

Founder of Wang Wenni design firm

Director of Shenzhen Interior Designer Association

Engaged in interior design for eight years

He has won many international awards such as American Muse International Design Award and London creative design award

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