American International Innovative Design Award 2024

Painting · Home

This case comes from the interior design of a villa in Kunming, Yunnan Province. The whole house is a combination of French and modern style. Through understanding the preferences of the owners, the overall four-story space is made a clear functional division. The first floor is used as the social center of the male owners and the storage display of fashionable games, so as to fulfill the dream of the male owners. The second floor is used as a leisure hall connecting the first floor and the third floor. Natural marble is used to show the visual tension of the space. The design performance of multiple elements in the living room makes the whole space integrate with each other in style. The guest room area on the third floor, through color, shape to create a comfortable atmosphere of the bedroom, Chinese solemn, French luxury, modern simplicity in the free transformation here, giving people an all-inclusive sense of sight, the fourth floor as the master bedroom area, the presentation of home suites, cloakroom through the combination of lighting and color, so that the details of the aesthetic elegant combination here, the master bedroom surreal design concept, Create a kind of “Manchester” time life for the owners.

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