American International Innovative Design Award 2024

Pearl River Villa

On the one hand, it jumps out of the ancient traditional Chinese style, and combines the Chinese style with the situation of contemporary rapid development and rural revitalization, so as to form a dynamic new Chinese style suitable for the local county seat;n On the other hand, the railway station and the tourist reception center, as the first stop of the whole project, the design style will pay tribute to the architectural art style of the 1950’s and 1960s, not only showing the sense of age echoing the appearance of the building, but also reflecting the spirit of Jiao Yulu and the pragmatic and simple spirit of the Communist Party of China;n At the same time, the whole project will meet the requirements of historical and cultural precipitation, modern aesthetics, comfort and brightness, strict control of cost and market differentiation, and create a new modern Chinese style that impresses Chinese and foreign tourists, and show the Lankao of the new era to the world.

The main landscape wall, the theme of the majestic momentum of the Yellow River, reminiscent of the turbulent situation of the Yellow River into the sea, to pay tribute to the Chinese people of the Yellow River water control;2. Relief wall cloth painting in the lobby, with the theme of “MAO Zedong’s inspection of the Yellow River Memorial Pavilion”, a famous scenic spot of the Yellow River Bay in Lankao;3. Hollow smallpox art chandelier, the theme is to refine the form of the Yellow River.4. The above elements create a lively and natural wood color and refined new Chinese elements and materials

With rice tone, simple and elegant wall cloth and a small amount of wooden wall skirt, create a spacious, bright, fashionable repast environment


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