American International Innovative Design Award 2024

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall is a professional venue to display the achievements of urban planning and construction in China. As one of the four first-tier cities in China, it is also a national 4A-level tourist attraction, a national science education base, an international cultural exchange center in Shanghai, as well as an important publicity platform to showcase Shanghai’s urban image and development achievements. After more than a year of renewal and renovation, the much-anticipated Shanghai Urban Planning Museum has been reborn. The new exhibition focuses on the overall goal of “Shanghai 2035”, fully utilizing new concepts, new technologies and new means to comprehensively interpret the renovate stage of Shanghai’s development and present the city concept of Shanghai: a more warm and cultural city of humanity, a more dynamic and prosperous city of innovation, and a more resilient and sustainable city of ecology. Located in the center of the exhibition hall, the stunning circular screen art installation “Shanghai Impression” uses two 60-degree dynamic screens and a 120-degree large screen to form a staggered trio of screens complementing the ground spread, forming a vivid “space-time window”. The exhibition hall presents the six rounds of urban master planning in Shanghai since 1931. The “people’s city” art installation directly opposite reflects the important concept given to Shanghai by the central government: “City built by the people, City for the people.” The new exhibition of Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall focuses on global trends, implements national strategies and is based on Shanghai’s reality. SilkRoad Visual interspersed with various display forms, and through high-tech technology and innovative expression to crafted for more than a year, with more than 100 multimedia films, 500 images and 90,000 words to depict the shape and color of the pavilion, shockingly presenting a city card with great exploration value and a sense of cultural weight. As the first professional venue to showcase urban planning and urban development in China, the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall has received more than 7.22 million visitors from China and abroad in the past 20 years since its opening. The Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall concentrates the past, present and future of Shanghai, and is an important window for citizens and visitors to understand Shanghai. It focuses on the visionary goals of urban development, records the vivid cases of Shanghai’s urban construction and development, and reflects the trends of future urban development. Silk Road Visual is interspersed with a variety of display forms to create, through modern high-tech technology and innovative expression of craftsmanship for more than a year, to provide different types of citizens and visitors with rich and diverse content and experience. It allows visitors to better experience Shanghai’s good environment for living, working, learning and visiting, and enhances the city’s cohesion, attractiveness, creativity, competitiveness and influence. Technical application in Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall: 360° digital circular screen art installation; LED ground screen; the world’s largest 5D digital city sand table——”city brain”, VR device, hologram, digital twin, interactive large immersive mixed reality scenes, isometric model and AR display device, giant LED screen.


SILKROAD VISUAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD (stock code: 300556) was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. SILKROAD VISUAL based on CG (Computer Graphics), VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality) and other digital visual technology applications, SILKROAD VISUAL provides creativity-centered and market demand-oriented digital creative services, including design visualization, digital marketing and exhibition display three major Main business segments. As a pioneer and promoter in the field of visual technology and application, SILKROAD VISUAL has completed many major cases with international influence: the creation of the digital animation restoration of “The Twelfth Scroll of Qianlong’s Southern Tour, Returning to the Forbidden City” for the National Museum; the production of the short documentary “I Dream, I Struggle, I Run” for the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up together with Xinhua News Agency; the promotional film “Mountain and Sea ” for the “Belt and Road” Summit Forum. The same volume of mountains and seas”; providing creative and digital support for the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China; building the “China’s Millennium Plan” Xiong’an New Area Planning Exhibition Center; innovatively linking domestic and foreign curatorial teams, experts in the field, and exhibition design teams to complete the Shenzhen The curatorial design and construction of the Contemporary Art and Urban Planning Museum in Shenzhen opened a new era of exhibition halls etc. On November 4, 2016, SILKROAD VISUAL landed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM, becoming the first listed company in the CG digital creative field. With the help of capital, Silk Road Vision further laid out the research and development of visual frontier technology applications, covering visual cloud computing Visual Cloud Computing (Rayvision), digital twin application Digital Twin Technology (Tia Digital Technology), VR/AR/MR (Silkroad Visual Creation) and other new digital infrastructure of digital vision technology applications Research to enable a new round of digital upgrading of industry. With forward-looking digital creativity and solid technology accumulation, through continuous technical innovation and field expansion, SILKROAD VISUAL keeps moving forward, taking “culture + technology” as the development strategy, and becoming a Chinese force that influences the world in the field of digital visual technology and application.

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