American International Innovative Design Award 2024

STROM-Waterdrop Fireplace

STROM—Waterdrop Fireplace

Waterdrop is a suspended rotatable fireplace and the design of its shape is inspired by droplets.  The entirety is concise and smooth, fully reflecting the perfect blend of natural elements:water and fire. By using a special high-temperature resistant silent bearing jamming technology, the suspended stove can be manually rotated 360 °smoothly. The Waterdrop allow the user not only to sit around the stove to meet the needs of heating at a cosy atmosphere around the fireplace warmly and delightedly, but also to meet the user’s spiritual pursuit of a better life.


About Beijing STROM Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd

Beijing STROM Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd

 STROM was founded in 2006, is one of the professional international fireplace brand agent occupied in collection of fireplace research and development, production, sales. In STROM ‘s fireplace gene, touch is the depth of the spiritual level, the brand behind the point is “products for people” the concept of humanistic care and spiritual beliefs, as an important participant in life, the integration of the field of beauty, to give birth to the residents of the spirit of self-enrichment.

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