American International Innovative Design Award 2024

The convergence of art, humanities and industrial style

The abode breaks away from the typical framework of the rough industrial style. The priceless traces of time overlaid with the calm marine blue, smooth linear layout, and gentle wood accents can bring humanistic aesthetic to the hard-edged interior design and tailor the space to feel like a true reflection of the homeowner. Without solid walls, the screen, ridge, and flexible folding door delineate the boundaries in the public area and ensure that the line of vision is not restricted.

Upon entering the room, the steel partition that is painted with a special golden coating by a trowel reveals the vista and also lends a refined sense of rustic charm. The circle is carved with numerous triangles pointing upwards and downwards. The bright yellow light emits a soft diffused glow from the geometric shapes, not only bringing aesthetic balance between softness and rigidity, but also creating a smooth visual flow.

The main TV wall is made of irregular cultured stones and hand-applied paint. Pipe shelves, track lights and spiral ducts reinforce the laid-back atmosphere of an industrial design. The TV cabinet is made of wood panels with vivid grains. Along with earth-toned flooring, it offsets the bold and rigid frame as well as adding a hint of visual tension gently. The sofa is not placed tight against the wall, granting the homeowner the flexibility to move the sofa and switch the arrangement freely. A loft-style vibe fills the abode quietly to give a feeling of comfort and coziness.

The slightly raised wood flooring and the highly flexible folding door delineate the semi-open multifunctional area. Wood accents offer a skin-friendly feel and visual warmth so that the mind can gradually unwind. The lack of fixed furniture enables better flexibility and versatility. One can pick up a book, sit casually on the floor, and enjoy a slow life in the city.

To create a simple and uncluttered space, a large storage cabinet extends from the entryway along the wall. Cabinet doors made of different materials, such as container doors, expanded mesh doors, and wood doors, add visual intrigue and depth to the view. The kitchen island with a dining table attached forms a circular traffic flow in the center of the home to ensure that traffic flows smoothly and efficiently. Besides, the extra-large dining table becomes the core space that promotes bonds with family members. The wall behind is decorated with iron plates and steel bars, allowing different materials to be perfectly fit in each field and creating an industrial look with neat layers.

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