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Beicheng star center (no.8 beicheng) apartment building no.7 and standard floor public space fine decoration design

Times No. 8 apartment hardcover model house – real estate space

Every Chengdu person has a different point of view on the beauty of Chengdu.

The south of the city is undoubtedly the most international area in Chengdu. There are many high-rise buildings and a lot of traffic. The “International City South” is not a false name.

The city center, which carries the cultural context of the city for thousands of years, is also the most magical contemporary fashion center in Chengdu – this is the most beautiful place in Chengdu.

However, a new landmark building will be added at the focal point of the landmark in the city center. It reshapes the outline of the city center skyline at a height of 190 meters. The appearance of the N8 sky curtain confirms the height of its aesthetic value, which is enough to represent the beauty of Chengdu.


Type A

The hostess is a senior simultaneous interpreter with a lively personality, and the male host is a plastic surgeon at the International Beauty Center Hospital, who has been striving for a long time in the front line of creating natural “beauty”. Studying aromatherapy is a common hobby of the husband and wife.

Enjoy the exquisite two-person world and enjoy every bit of every day. After work, there is more fun and more “beauty” of smell.

In this space, the most meaningful life is not how old you can live, but the people who feel the most about life. The definition of this home is to return to the most authentic self.

Unit A covers an area of ​​69.8 square meters. It is a standard one-bedroom. The whole space is dominated by white, wood, and gold, with patina, dark coffee, and black as partial decoration colors. The furniture is mainly made of oak and fabric, combined with the theme of exquisite light luxury and fashion. Positioning to create a comfortable and livable original space. The soul of each work lies in every detail that is easily overlooked. Every detail, through clean and neat techniques, connects every point into a line, the line becomes a plane, and finally, the whole space becomes natural.

Exquisite life requires thought and connotation. The urban situation is changing, changing shape and step, and a calm heart is difficult to be taken away by impetuousness.

Here is a sentence to express the original intention of our design: pure at first glance, as simple and transparent as first love.


D type

The hostess is a senior brand planner with her studio, and the male host is a financial planner and has a high reputation in the financial world. They like a lazy and comfortable home environment and have a certain pursuit of home experience. Occasionally reading a book is a precious and comfortable state for them, and they have a different interpretation of Versace’s items.

Unit D covers an area of ​​150 square meters and is a standard four-bedroom. The whole space is dominated by wood, beige, and coffee, and gold, dark coffee, and black are used as partial decoration colors for the furnishings; the furniture is mainly wood, metal, and fabric, combined with artistic fashion. The theme is to create a glass of fragrant red wine, a close-fitting bathrobe, and a soft quilt to satisfy the imagination of the home. Combined with the theme positioning of urban elites, it creates a calm life, changes in mood and rich experiences, exaggerated glitz becomes simple, and the brilliance is omitted. Life needs to be balanced, not troubled. The key is to find a comfortable and balanced lifestyle while enjoying the pursuit of art.

Here is a sentence to express the original intention of our design: gorgeous metal and natural logs are ingeniously combined, simplicity is expensive, and expensive is exquisite

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CNA is a global design and management organization registered in the United States and Canada, and is recognized as one of the leading design companies in the world. Snagh group has more than 2000 employees in 10 branches worldwide. The group has won many international design reputations in large-scale urban planning, airport and station, museums, libraries, college buildings, commercial and entertainment projects. His works have been featured in famous magazines such as designer magazine, world architecture magazine, New York times, Washington post and Los Angeles times.

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IA as a group of interior design company, is committed to on the basis of the profound Oriental culture foundation and cultural tension, the profound study of architectural design in space, with China and the world famous hotel brand interior architectural design experience, according to different size and difficulty of project, with comprehensive technology, the related skills, cross-cultural building interior architectural space and dynamic emotion, inheriting regional humanities, arts, aesthetics, shape a unique diversity of space concept and visual language, will design into their lives, form can be experiencing the sensation of life, to the east design design express our idea; Wide LAN design has also been winning many famous customers, Madison hotel, Bangyangtree, IHG, holiday inn, holiday inn express, hotel du Louvre, Tulip inn, Royal Tulip, Gold Tulip Hotels&Resorts, ShangriLa, Grand Madison, Wyndham, Howard Johnson, Das Inn, China resources real estate, longhu real estate, teda group, wanda group, China shipping group, ocean real estate, zhongde englon group, xin xin group, tongsen group, xinde group…

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