American International Innovative Design Award 2024

Treasure-Country Garden Croup

“If consciousness is an appendage to life and not the most essential feature, then human beings only need to have the necessary skills to survive with no need of any feelings, ideas or emotions.” However, in the project of Dameisha Xinhai Tianyu, life consciousness and existence are the most essential pursuits: to listen to the sea and listen to the wind, to meet the boundless in people in every single session.

If daily life is like a straightforward, day-to-day account, where can we find detachment and alienation? How can we look up high into the starry sky with the predicament of real life getting in the way and when will we reach the freedom of mind with peaceful contemplation and forget everything?

Plato connected the docking, existence, and the appearance of things together. It is not a reaction, nor a reflection. Existence is an image resulting from change, and it only cares about the moment when everything is joyous if one stops and watches quietly.

The natural elegance formed by two different textures and styles combined comes into presence. The metallic copper color shows a sense of history with connotation and appeal, and the bright white and distinct lines scream freedom and lightness. It is more of revelation and disclosure rather than collision, just like the two ends of a circle when they meet each other, like when the daylight wakes up from the darkness, like opening the third eye for the bland life,。

In the space, the wrinkled element is considered as the main decorative element and interpreted with infinity, breaking through the familiarity of imagination. The texture and organ pleats are the texture extension of the shell. It is a layer of light and dynamic layers of the sea. It is the four-time natural rhythm that slowly climbs over the cheeks of the time. The shallow marks are artificially created, and the wind is a kiss. The imprint is the delicate touch of the waves passing over the beach, the rhythm of the soul that cannot be said and is fresh and live…

The designer explains that “to pursue a beauty with pureness, simpleness, and abstraction, a distance from the obvious life pettiness is necessary and we believe that geometry has a poetic way to reach to the essence.” The element of simpleness is combined with the wavy wrinkled pattern, and the decorative painting becomes three-dimensional, therefore, it’s no longer an expression of a certain image, but more like a creation of an atmosphere.

We are increasingly watching, browsing, and less feeling, in this sense, we are increasingly missing is the ability of contemplation. Without ourselves then things can be seen, this is like Mr. Burgson’s “intuition of the essence” or Shakespeare’s famous saying “from the inside, like the eyes of the heart of the mind.”

Can you remember the feeling of seeing with your eyes closed?  We placed the artistic sculpture of the artist wang wei in the space, to ask questions and also serve as an answer.

With the sight of tenderness and the sound of wonderment, the design can tug at the heartstring and go beyond one’s five senses. The works from the young sculpture artist Wang Wei such as ‘Listen to the water’ and ‘Listen to the wind’ have given the space a unique charm, showing the intimacy between human and nature, shortening the distance with infinite and then reaching deep into the soul, as if one walking into a cool, relaxing and vast dream. The use of mineral blue and mineral green also unveils a trace of the mystery of nature, and a distinctive charm is emitted in the quietness of the light-color system.

As to the meeting area, life here has gained a more appropriate recognition. The modern style leather sofa and marble tabletop are naturally blended into the low-profile disposition.

The poet Rimbaud must have been bored, he wrote: “See through the same faces every day. The noise of the city, dusk and morning, day after day. The post of life — oh noise and fancy!” But just a moment,  he stand up and left only one word: “go forth to new love and new noise!”

When one is immersed into the philosophy and beauty of the project, a glimpse of sunshine, a handful of still water, a cup of tea, a silent dialogue… are all finely savored and heard. The unselected richness and infinite connotation are also revealed in the plain joy and ultimate involvement.

About Li Chao

(From 2009 to 2015, he served as the project design director of a domestic first-line design company, providing professional services to distinguished customers mainly from first-class brand developers, such as OCT, Tahoe, Country Garden, China Resources, Vanke, Gemdale, China Merchants, Zhonghai, Green King, Zhuoyue, Fuxing Fitch, Forte, CITIC, Wanda, Suning, COFCO, etc.
He has studied abroad for many years, roaming in France, Italy, and many countries and regions in North America. He has accumulated profound aesthetic connotations and is good at combining regional culture with contemporary design, focusing on emotional and experiential design concepts.
In 2014, he founded St. Evans Design (SEPD)/Hebi Architectural Design Co., Ltd., adopting the business partner + project partner system, and is also a member of the British Urban Future Organization Design Alliance. Thanks to this more open platform, we can provide better services to customers. Adhering to the concept of starting from the perspective of the market and customers, we will create sustainable building technology and art based on the future, and on this basis, allow for a variety of styles. and breakthrough. Since the establishment of SEPD, Li Chao and his team members have won various awards, and their design works have been featured in professional design magazines and books such as American Interior Design Chinese Edition, Modern Decoration, Fine Home Furnishing, Chinese Impression, Imprint, Zen Oriental and so on.
Top 20 Outstanding Young Interior Designers in China (Selected)
China (Shanghai) International Architecture and Interior Design Festival “Golden Bund Award” Finalist Award
LONDON DESIGN AWARDS International Residential Space Silver Award
The 4th China-France International Design Exchange Exhibition and the GPDP AWARD International Space Design Award
Singapore Interior Design Awards (SIDA) Gold Award
IEED International Ecological Design Best Ecological Model House Design Award Nomination Award
APDC Asia Pacific Interior Design Elite Invitational Award
The 5th CIID China Display Art Design Competition, Innovative Design Category, Silver Award
Bronze Award in Green Design Category of CIID 5th China Display Art Design Competition
Furnishing China·Crystal Kirin Award Space Furnishing Aesthetics Excellence Award
Guangzhou Design Week Kapok China Design Award Annual Interior Design Award
The first actual designer cup model room design silver award
The first actual designer cup display art design excellence award
WAD World Young Designers Conference Person of the Year
The 11th International Architectural Decoration and Design Art Fair
APDC Asia Pacific Interior Design Elite Invitational Competition Excellence Award
The 4th CIID Exhibition Art Works Invitational Competition National Silver Award
The second prize in the innovative design category of the 4th CIID China Display Art Invitational Competition;
The 4th CIID China Display Art Works Invitational Competition, the Best Design Award in the category of innovative design;
The 4th CIID China Display Art Works Invitational Competition, Best Design Award in Space Design category;
Jintang Award China Interior Design Annual Selection Excellence Award
Outstanding Villa Designer of the Year in China’s New Commercial and Tourism Real Estate Design
“Golden Bund Award” China (Shanghai) International Architecture and Interior Design Award Excellence Award

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