American International Innovative Design Award 2024

Fuzhou Jinjiang Huada Hotel

Nanyang Town
Jinjiang is a beautiful coastline city with 122 kilometers long shoreline, owns many islands and reefs, blue seas and silver beaches, beautiful harbors, mountains, and sea.
Huada Hotel is based in Anhai Town, a famous ancient town for overseas Chinese. Whether it is tourists from all over the world or overseas Chinese returning home, they will be fascinated by the city that tells the story of past days. Legendary stories from ancient times to the present have created the multicultural temperament of Jinjiang today. Jinjiang culture has been stirring for thousands of years and is interrelated with Marine culture, southern Fujian culture, and overseas Chinese culture. Now let’s walk into Huada Hotel to explore the Jinjiang culture together.

Sea and Sail
As if entering a time corridor connecting the past and the future, here in the lobby. Visitors can experience a dramatic elevated space through the height difference, connecting people, the outside world, the interior, and time with boundless. Here, everyone can enjoy the beauty of light and shadow.
The towering installation shelves on both sides add a sense of order. Isn’t such a free and comfortable space where the soul belongs?
The art installations and spiral staircases that symbolize treasures in cinnabar red firmly attract attention. This touch of red in a light-colored space adds interest and extraordinary charm to enhance the joy.

24-hour restaurant
Homing and Harvest
For echoing the theme of the “harvest”, wall artworks of the restaurant were designed with the inspiration of the ancient red brick house and the “Fanzai buildings” which combine Chinese and western cultures. The creation is based on the inheritance of the traditional tile patterns of southern Fujian and the native panes of Nanyang, which brings a unique and cultural experience to guests with delicious food and elegant dining space.

Banquet hall
Gathering and Memory
Modern and traditional, virtual and reality coexist, gorgeous and rich elements, lines and textures, the abstract art chandelier on the ceiling, the light of its winding and irregular light strips, like the light emitted by the lighthouse at sea, illuminates the reunion at the home road.

Guest room
Returning home
The elegant beige gray color of the guest room creates a sense of tranquility and comfort. The warm temperament of the log color softens the whole space, and it helps to regulate emotions, comforting the guest from their daily tiredness. The spacious suite perfectly balances the needs of business and vacation.

About Shenzhen Wenhua Design Consultants Co, Ltd.

Shenzhen Wenhua Design Consultants Co., Ltd., focusing on hotel and real estate design, headquartered in Shenzhen, provides customers with a full range of integrated design services. By deep-going the current market, we possess the world’s cutting-edge fashionable vision to perfectly integrate life aesthetics and the perception of beauty into every space. We provide customized design and professional consultation such as designing and planning, spatial creation, soft decoration accessories, designing and production of art installation, and overall control to the high-end real estate companies, commercial complexes, hotels, headquarters offices, brand chains, and other enterprises. Therefore, we win high brand attention and receive high praise from the community.
In addition to providing professional space and architectural design services, Wenhua Design has also established its brand-Piaoting, which is the integration of life aesthetics. Piaoting provides an integrated service including customized R&D, art exhibition, and cultural space of products such as ancient art, medieval furniture, and oriental utilities. In 2020, the “YICHATING” art exhibition opened in Kyoto, Japan, and in-depth cooperation with many well-known Japanese contemporary artists. At the same time, it includes art brands such as Gardeco, Eurofashion Homeconcepts, ATELIERS SED PA, and Sophia from Belgium, France, Greece, and other places.

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