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Guilinggao Culture Experience Hall

Guilinggao is a traditional Chinese food, which originated in Guangdong Province and has been handed down for hundreds of years. Since ancient times, Guilinggao has been a favorite food and also has high medicinal value. Over time, through the inheritance and development of several generations, Guilinggao has gradually developed into a unique cultural phenomenon and cultural connotation, which has been widely inherited and carried forward.

Longtian Guilinggao, an important representative of Guilinggao culture, was founded in 1889 during the reign of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty. Feng Yuxiang, a Shunde Lunjiao, went to Wuzhou to learn the skills of Guilinggao and passed them on to future generations. From the establishment of the “Longtian Ice Room” to the registration of the Lunjiao Longtian brand, to the inclusion of the eighth batch of Intangible cultural heritage in Shunde District, and the establishment of the Longtian Guilinggao Museum, Longtian Guilinggao has now passed on for more than 130 years through four generations.

In this case design, the GDD deep thinking design team revolves around the revitalization and renovation of old buildings, carrying forward intangible cultural heritage while integrating it into the lives of young people with the trend of the market.


Traditional culture cannot be abandoned

But we must wear the new clothes of the times

Longtian Guilinggao Cultural Experience Hall, located in Yange Village, Lunjiao, is adjacent to Mingshi Garden, a municipal cultural relics protection unit, covering an area of 1000 m2, and consists of nine blue brick houses. Due to the fact that it was rebuilt among numerous green brick and tile houses, and some of the houses have a long history and are in disrepair, there are certain difficulties in renovation. In addition, the village has narrow roads and limited open space, making it difficult to access large cranes. During the repair process, it is only necessary to rely on the decoration master to lift in the steel structure components and carry out reinforcement work step by step.

When designing Longtian Guilinggao Cultural Experience Hall, GDD thoughtfully considered the combination of traditional culture and modern trend elements, hoping to create an impressive and unique place.

In the appearance design, GDD deliberative design decided to use the form of a red dragon circling in the air to represent the combination of traditional culture and the Zeitgeist. Dragon represents authority, nobility, and grandeur in traditional Chinese culture, while red symbolizes vitality, passion, and innovation. Combine these two and use a red dragon hovering in the air to reflect the combination of traditional culture and modern fashion.

In the process of designing the red dragon, we borrowed the form of the traditional flying dragon, and added modern Elements of art and scientific and technological means. Under the night, the red dragon presents a vivid and charming image with the changes of light. The hovering form of the dragon makes people feel that it is dancing, ready to bring new vitality and innovation to traditional culture at any time.

Longtian Guilinggao Cultural Museum is a combination of Guilinggao Museum and Refusal Hot Tea Restaurant. This design is a process of collision of new and old elements. It not only retains the charm and connotation of traditional culture, but also integrates modern fashion and innovative elements, changing the consumption scene of Guilinggao in traditional concepts.

Guilinggao Museum shows the history, culture and production technology of Guilinggao. Through the introduction of historical pictures, cultural relics, physical objects, audio and video and other display means, the audience can deeply understand the broad and profound culture of Guilinggao and inherit the history. Let the audience not only understand the unique culture of Lingnan, but also participate in it firsthand.

Longtian Guilinggao Museum injects fashion elements while retaining the original style of the building. In addition to focusing on the introduction of Longtian Guilinggao culture, history and on-site experience, it also integrates elements such as a book bar, postal service, etc., presenting the fragrance of books and nostalgia. The back garden with unique Lingnan architectural characteristics has become a must see punch in point for visitors.

On the basis of traditional culture and combined with the creativity and skills of modern tea culture, the hot air tea shop provides high-quality innovative Guilinggao drinks and dining experience for tourists. In the design of the store, DGG thought-provoking design combines traditional elements with modern design to create a comfortable and fashionable atmosphere, so that customers can feel the charm of Guilinggao culture while tasting tea.

Here, visitors can taste all kinds of novel and delicious tea drinks and Guilinggao, as well as deeply understand the history and production process of this traditional famous product. The combination of tea shops and museums not only brings the audience a dual enjoyment of culture and cuisine, but also promotes the inheritance and development of traditional culture.

The red dragon hovers in the air and becomes a beautiful scenery line of the Guilinggao Cultural Museum, attracting the attention of many tourists. Longtian Guilinggao Cultural Museum not only represents the combination of traditional culture and modern fashion, but also symbolizes the unremitting pursuit and efforts of Longtian Guilinggao for cultural inheritance and innovation. GDD deep thinking design hopes to let more people understand and pay attention to traditional culture through the work of activating ancient buildings, and integrate it with modern life, inject new vitality and Zeitgeist into cultural inheritance and innovation, and make traditional products more “young” through innovation.

About Guangbiao Chen(Bill)

Senior space renovation designer, graduated from the Department of Architecture of Guangzhou University and studied in the design advanced seminar of Tongji University. In 2007, he founded Guangzhou Shensi Space Design Co., Ltd., with in-depth theoretical support and detailed practical experience, advocating the “symbiotic relationship between people and space”, the project covers hotels, residences, office spaces, cultural and creative cultural tourism parks, etc., and has won many awards in many design competitions. Representative works include Guangzhou Xin Kai Hui Yue Hotel, DongGuan NiuBen Digital Economy Industrial Park , Sunshine Marriott Hailing Bay No. 1, Huizhou Qingxi Hot Spring Hotel, etc.


Professional Award of the 6th AIIDA AWARD International Design Awards 2023

 2023 5th Japan IDPA AWARD International Pioneer Design Award TOP100 Character Award 2022-2023 International Design Award iding Award: homestay Design Excellence Award 2022-2023 International Design Award iding Award: Model House Space Excellence Award

2022 French GPDP AWARD Design Award -Innovative Design Award

Senior Interior Designer, International Association of Architectural Decoration Interior Design

Italian IIDA AWARD Design Awards 2022

2022 IDG Gold Creative International Design Award Workplace International Innovative Design Award

2021-2022 International Design – Aiding Award: Office Space Excellence Award

2020 International Design Awards – Aiding Award: Hotel Space Design Excellence Award

2020 The 10th International Space Design Awards – Idea-Tops Award: Catering Space Design Excellence Award

2019 International Design Award – Aiding Award: Excellence Award in Catering Space Design

2022-2023 International Design Award iding Award: homestay Design Excellence Award

2022-2023 International Design Award iding Award: Model House Space Excellence Award

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